Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I've been on Hiatus for Nearly NINE Months!

The header of this entry is totally true. I’ve been on a hiatus. Although why I didn’t inform anyone, contact anyone, or write anyone in nine months is unknown to me. Trust me, I thought about it often—coming back, writing a post or two on what I was reading (mostly textbooks), how crazy college is, or just putting up a post that said “On Hiatus, Come Back Later.”
And why didn’t you? You might ask. I think it’s probably because I needed a break—a long, long break from blogging. My freshmen year of college was coming up and I wanted to experience everything, without many attachments to anything else. Does this excuse me for not contacting my blogging friends? No. I wish I had kept in contact.
I feel so bad about just picking up and leaving. But, I’m coming back again. I missed reviewing books, my friends, and writing in a blog nearly everyday so much. First things first: I’m hoping to post an entry on my trip to Amsterdam (with photos!). I also want to post my Best Books of 2008 post since I never did that this year. There are also so many books I want to review—right now I’m reading Ever and enjoying every minute of it! As well as some manga books I’ve been wanting to review as well (who knew I’d turn out to absolutely LOVE manga?). As far as writing goes, I’ve been neglecting my nanowrimo novel since I started it. Unfortunately, college doesn’t offer much time for writing. Something I hope to remedy when I take MY FIRST CREATIVE WRITING COURSE EVER NEXT SPRING!!!!! (You can’t tell I’m excited at all, can you?)
I look forward to reading everyone’s blogs and book reviews. I’m so thrilled to start blogging again!

Much love,

ps. Who is looking foward to reading Sarah Beth Durst's Ice this fall? I know I am!


Madison said...


And yes, I can't wait for Ice. :-)

Erin said...

I'm sooo excited you're back! *grins happily*

Can't wait to hear about Amsterdam. And yeah, can't wait for Ice!

Polka Dotted Pickles said...

You went to Amsterdam??!! I was there a few weeks ago. Whoa....
It is good to see you back. I enjoy hearing the news with you!

Sookie said...

Pickles: Oh my goodness! You were? That's awesome!

cuileann said...

Erin and I were just talking about how cool it was to see comments from you again and how we hoped it meant you were back to blogging!

Sookie said...

Cuileann: I am most definitely back to blogging!