Friday, August 15, 2008

Tantalize By Cynthia Leititch Smith

Quincie Morris is just your average teenager...if you call being best friends with a hybrid werewolf/human since childhood and running a vampire-themed restaurant (Sanguini's: A Very Rare Restaurant) in Austin, Texas normal. As the grand opening of the restaurant looms nearer and nearer, and with the tragic murder of Sanguini's former chef, Vaggio, ever hanging over her head, can Quincie turn the seemingly normal Henry "Bradley" Johnson, the new chef, into a fanged masterpiece. Or does Bradley have sinister secrets of his own?

I picked up this book because I am an avid reader of anything in the vampire and werewolf genre. And because I love the idea of a vampire-themed restaurant in Austin (only about an hour away from my hometown). The pace was fast, the characters interesting and multi-dimensional. The only real problem I have with Tantalize is that the author does not really bring her own ideas into the mix for the creatures. They were really just standard. It also seemed like she used quite a bit of material from Sunshine (by Robin McKinley)--at least for the were-creatures.
However, I still enjoyed this book immensely. What can I say? I was tantalized.
I give Tantalize a three & 1/2 out of five. And I'd recommend this book for ages 14+.

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Raewyn said...

Hello, Sookie! I'm glad to hear you're sticking around for a little bit more longer!

I wanted to say thanks for the comment! :) It's great meeting a fellow Texan too! What part do you hail from? I was born and raised in College Station, a few hours away from Houston.

As to the meme you metioned you would like to do, I think I can help with that! :) I have two memes I think you might like. You can choose which one you like the most or do both if you want. One is under the label 'Tagged' on my blog and the other under 'Meme'. Have fun!

P.S. I think I saw Tantalized in the library the other day. I'll have to give it a look. :)


Traci said...

oooh, I saw this book at my friends house one day and it looked really fun to read! thanks for the review!

Sookie said...

raewyn: I'm from central Texas (or "The Hillcountry"). My hometown is San Antonio, but I grew up in San Marcos.I have family in College Station :-)
I'm going to have a look at your tags!!!

Traci: Your welcome :-) It was a fun read.

mari said...

I live in Austin and have been wanting to get my hands on this book for that reason. Plus, Vampires! How can i resist.

Love you blog and reviews, btw. :)

cuileann said...

Haha. Chuckled at the restaurant.