Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Found this one at My Spare Oom (Thanks Raewyn!). I said that one of the last things I'd like to post on this journal is a meme. So here goes....

I am: a slightly neurotic, Texan girl with many different homes, many different families, a pen in my pocket, and a song stuck in my head (always).

I think: therefore I am.

I know: five things to be true. 1). Happiness can never really be obtained, it just happens when you least expect it 2.) God is with me always 3.) I want to help people when I "grow up" 4.) I want to write stories for a living 5.) hair dye is a fickle friend. The box may say "Vivid Auburn Dreams" (or something of the like), but if you come out of the shower with your hair looking like the animated monster "The Swamp Thing" the next morning, customer service really really really doesn't care.

I have: a pink panther-head lamp (honest!). It makes my whole room look pink at night when I turn it on. (It was one of those Christmas gifts I could never get rid of, go figure.)

I wish: I had more time.

I hate: being labeled.

I miss: Europe.

I fear: that I'll never make it past remedial math in college.

I feel: sad that I have to go, but happy that a new stage of my life is about to begin. There's a quote from House (one my fave TV shows) that sums up my feelings on this. "Life is just a series of rooms, and who you get stuck in those rooms with, adds up to what your life will be." I will miss the last room, and the people within it. But I'm excited to meet the new people as well.

I hear: the buzz of the air conditioner, the "clack clack" of my typing, the many different sounds coming from my stereo where I'm playing a mixed CD that a friend made me--piano, drums, singing, even violin and clarinet.

I smell: my aunt's famous dark chocolate fudge that she made for me as a going away present.

I crave: chocolate

I search: my suitcase to see if I've packed my favorite "I Heart Netherlands" socks that I got in Amsterdam.

I wonder: about many things; mostly about how strange and wonderful and terrifying it is to say goodbye.

I regret: nothing. I've made many "mistakes" in the past, messed up plenty of times, but I count those experiences as lessons that I needed, that's why I try my hardest to regret nothing and move onward.

I love: many many people; my family, my friends, my best friend since fourth grade; I also love good music, good books, and writing in my journal.

I ache: because I feel like I don't have enough time

I am not: an idiot, a jock, a musician, a good driver, a mathmatician, good with change

I believe: in many things. Today I believe that the eyes of God must be green--green and wise and ever-seeing. Not jungle fern green or dark forest green, but the glassy bluish green of the sea, or like the murky waters of the byous in East Texas. Or maybe even the green-ish gray of the sky right before it is about to storm.

I dance: to feel lighter; when I dance ballet--sometimes I feel so light that I could fly.

I sing: only when no one is listening.

I cry: because I'm a human being--I don't believe that it makes me weak if I cry. I think it's natural and not at all childish--seeing as how I've seen people cry at every stage of life.

I don't always: know what I'm doing; I try to go with the flow--but in some situations I feel completely unprepared.

I fight: with my mom. Frequently. It's terrible, I don't like it. But it happens.

I write: everyday, about everything. From vampires to the particularly repugnant smell of socks before I put them in the washing machine.

I win: every game of connect four that I've ever played.

I lose: time very easily.

I never: think before I speak (it's a terrible habit, one I'm trying to curb at the moment), double-check anything, smoke

I always: worry about the future way too much, get ahead of myself, write on my laptop before I go to bed.

I confuse: myself and other people very easily.

I listen: to everything. Other people's conversations, background noise, music, my friends' voices as they talk

I can usually be found: reading a good book, writing on my laptop, shopping at Barnes and Nobles, at home watching an episode of House, or at the studio dancing.

I am scared: about the future, for my friend who obsesses over her wieght, for a child I know who has been abused and is not responding to therapy.

I need: to know that things will all work out in the end, new guitar strings, a new patch for the raggedy old jacket I've worn since freshmen year in high school.

I am happy about: my new life, getting to take an upper level English course my first year (THANK YOU AP TESTS!!!!)

I imagine: that one day perhaps I will meet all of my awesome blogger friends in real life :-)

My that was a long tag! But it was certainly awesome ^.^


Erin said...

"I ache: because I feel like I don't have enough time"

More on more lately have I found myself recalling that phrase from THE HOST...."you never know how much time you'll have."

So I can relate.

Anyway, this was a fantastic post, and I learned so much more about you :)

Sookie said...

It's been awhile since I've gotten to re-read The Host (I lent it out to a few friends), so thank you for reminding me about that quote.
I think this was one of those memes where you really learn a lot about the person participating in it whether they know it or not :-)

Traci said...

totally cool!!

mari said...

Cool meme.

I posted the review of Breaking Dawn, btw.