Monday, July 14, 2008

Summer Senses Tag

Rules: List the things you love about summer for each of the five senses and tag five people at the end. Simple!

Taste: the nutmeg-sweet taste of spikooke (spice cake--and I'm sure I'm not spelling it right!) in Amsterdam, glorious cream puffs in the French countryside, bitter dark chocolate with tart raspberry jam, fresh warm bread anywhere in Europe (but especially in France), and excellent queso and homemade tortillas here at home

Touch: the burning Texas sun pouring down on my skin at 10 in the morning; my fingers poised lightly, tentatively on the keys of my laptop before working on my novel, the fire-hot touch of my steering wheel of my car having been at the campus parking lot for an hour or more while I'm in class

Sight: the Belgian countryside--with red bricked roofs of distant villages nestled in the lush forestry miles off of the highway; rows and rows of spinning windmills in The Hague, the Notre Dame, all the colors of spray-in haircolor at Sally Hansen's while me and my friend decide whether to color our hair blue, green, pink, or purple (I went with pink--next time I'll go with purple).

Smell: the fruity smell of a mango bubbletea on Chinastreet in Amsterdam, the smell of fresh-baked bread in France, the fresh, sweet smell of strawberries

Auditory: hearing swear words in Dutch, Flemmish, and French (occasionally even in Spanish!), hearing all the Brit and Australian accents from the many tourists in Amsterdam, hearing Coldplay's awesome new CD, hearing the click-click of my keys as I type


Traci said...

'my fingers poised lightly, tentatively on the keys of my laptop before working on my novel'

That is just wonderful! ;)

Erin said...

Wow...what a summer you are having. :)

Cuileann said...

Haha, I had to stop reading this because I was getting too jealous of your travels. :P

Sookie said...

Traci: thanks! But it's one of the sensations, right?

Erin: Yes :-)

Cuileann: Aww...well, hopefully you'll get to travel to Europe someday soon. It's something everyone needs to experience!