Monday, May 5, 2008

In response to everyone's comments on my last post....

I'm on Stephenie Meyer's website!
Shall I be stalked? Am I famous enough to be on TV?
Oh no--I can just see the ocean of reporters coming to report--
(The more serious will ask...)
What does Sookie think about the War in Iraq?
Does Sookie endorse Baraq Obama's Campaign? (I don't, by the way)
What was Sookie's first reaction to seeing her blog's name and link on Stephenie Meyer's website?
Did you drool just a little? (*blushes* yes)
(The less serious will ask...)
What is Sookie's favorite color? (fashion designers will rush to make all their latest fashions in the color red!!!)
What is Sookie's favorite ice cream flavor? (Baskin and Robin's will stock nothing but Daquiri Ice!)

Okay, that's a BIT of an overreaction....

I can probably still walk down the street without someone pointing out "Hey, there's that chick who's blog link made it on the SM website, let's hide in her trash can and take pictures of her while she's brushing her teeth and then sell them to the tabloids..."

Tee Hee.
I'm just honored.



Erin said...

Oh, Sookie, you are too funny. :D

Sookie said...

Well, you know--thinking up this grandiose schemes and stories is really just in the job description...

Edge said...

Red, huh? I guess I'll know you're famous when I start seeing a bunch of red clothes. It's a good choice - you could have said 'pink' *shudders*

Sookie said...

Ha ha, I would NEVER have said pink (*shudders also*)

BooksandLove said...

lol...."hide in her trashcan"

Sam Fuller said...'s probably weird, but that's how I found your blog. XD

Sookie said...

Sam Fuller: wow! that's crazy!
I wonder how the other people who were linked took it...