Friday, April 4, 2008

Five Crazy Things I did When I was a Little Kid

1. I wrote a sequel to The Bronze Bow that involved my favorite pop artist at the time.
2. Well I'm not really sure if this counts as ME being crazy, but when I was little my aunt had three pet snakes and she'd put one around my neck as a necklace and taught me how to take care of them, how to milk the venom...etc. To this day I'm not really afraid of snakes as most people are. (But it was a crazy experience!)
3. My parents had geese, so I got this bright idea when I was six (after watching Fly Away Home too many times) that I would get a few of their eggs and incubate them. My grandpa bought the incubator, and my dad helped me find four relatively unblemished eggs--and bam! After a few months of turning them over constantly and shining a flashlight through them to see the growth--I had four new geese (or goslings?)! And yes, they really do follow you around in a single-file line like lost puppies ^_^
4. I begged my dad to read me Goosebumps books night after night and I got wicked nightmares...
5. I (accidently) called my grandmother a vampire (again I say accidently).
I was about three years old and I said something along the lines of
"Don't worry that you're old, grandma, you're a vampire!" My mom still bursts out laughing when someone brings it up (CURSE GOOSEBUMPS FOR GIVING ME IDEAS!!!!)


Erin said...

The first one is hi-larious.

Bohae said...

Calling your grandmother a vampire, eh? *grins* You were a funny little kid, Sookie. :)

Sookie said...

Erin: ha ha, thanks :-)

Bohae: yes, well...I had an overactive imagination (scratch that, I have an overactive imagination).