Friday, April 18, 2008

The Decision is Definite...

I'm switching to Live Journal in May.
Why Live Journal? You may ask.
I think it will suit my blogging needs better. Blogger has been great for the almost two years (!) I've been blogging.
But it will definitely be time for a change...
I hope everyone will come and visit me there!
I'll still do all of my book reviews (because there are still so many books to read!), but I also plan to do graphics too (and LJ is definitely graphics-friendly).
Oh and speaking of that graphics website I babbled about back in February?'s coming along rather slowly.
It will probably not be done for a few weeks.
Oh, and does anyone have any reccomendations for a good Beach Book? (You know...summer love, girl drama, bronzy tans and strappy sandals--something with the perfect mood for just lounging around the beach...or in my case, the lake).
My Senior Trip is coming up soon! (And I definitely plan to do some tanning!)
Texas Countryside Here We Come!!!!! (Woot! class of '08!)
(Okay, as you can see--the senioritis has caught up with me--such a deadly disease!)


Anidori-Isilee said...

Ah...we'll miss you on Blogger, Sookie, but we understand.

Have fun on your trip!

If I think of book recommendations, I'll comment but right now, I've got nothing.

Leanna said...

My first blog was on Live Journal, and I had it for quite a few months. Though I prefer Blogger, LJ was still great!

Sookie said...

Anidori: Thank you :-)
Hope you'll come and visit me on LJ (though I'm not there yet!)

Leanna: Yes, it is the perfect type of blog for someone like me--who wants to post copious amounts of pictures--plus I love the icons :-)

Edge said...

Books? Summer reading chick-lit type books? Two recommendations (I reviewed one on my blog).

Miss Match - by Erynn Mangum. Amazingly hilarious and unique. Zany.

Sushi for One? - by Camy Tang. Also amazingly unique. The main character is an athlete to the core, so I connected well.

BooksandLove said...

I'm just now getting used to blogger. but I do love all of the icons at lj.