Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Novel Difficulties

Yays! The Senior Trip was amazing--and Texas countryside is beautiful as always.
But while I'm busy bringing up my grades for that final transcript, worrying about prom dresses, and taking loads of pictures (This is the last month! I want to remember this!), my writing has suffered.
I've switched from story idea to story idea, and I've barely enough time to write a single chapter!
Is anyone else struggling like this?
There are just some days where I want to forget it all...and then all of a sudden a random, crazy, but exciting idea for a story comes to mind and then BAM! I'm hooked.
I hope once high school and June (a month which will be REALLY busy for me) are over, I'll have time to do some serious writing.
Ooh...on a good note--you know that trip to Paris I've been meaning to take? Well it's all finally okayed. I'm going to the city of love (and bread) this June! Yays again!

Friday, April 18, 2008

The Decision is Definite...

I'm switching to Live Journal in May.
Why Live Journal? You may ask.
I think it will suit my blogging needs better. Blogger has been great for the almost two years (!) I've been blogging.
But it will definitely be time for a change...
I hope everyone will come and visit me there!
I'll still do all of my book reviews (because there are still so many books to read!), but I also plan to do graphics too (and LJ is definitely graphics-friendly).
Oh and speaking of that graphics website I babbled about back in February?
Well...it's coming along rather slowly.
It will probably not be done for a few weeks.
Oh, and does anyone have any reccomendations for a good Beach Book? (You know...summer love, girl drama, bronzy tans and strappy sandals--something with the perfect mood for just lounging around the beach...or in my case, the lake).
My Senior Trip is coming up soon! (And I definitely plan to do some tanning!)
Texas Countryside Here We Come!!!!! (Woot! class of '08!)
(Okay, as you can see--the senioritis has caught up with me--such a deadly disease!)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

EEKS! Book Choices!

Alright, so in about forty days or so, I will be graduating. And after summer, I will be going to college (*sweat*).
I'm making myself compose a list (chronic list-maker, I am) of all the things I'm going to take from the stuff I already have.
And well, I have to say I'm a little nervous about the Books part. I've seen the dorm rooms in the residence hall I hope to get in. And let me tell you, the word microscopic comes to mind.
There isn't enough room for one person's stuff, much less for two people!
That's why I've decided, gulp, to only bring ten books. Yes ten! (*dies*).
The Twilight Series (minus Eclipse--I wasn't so wild about book #3, but I'll have book four by then) and Harry Potter #7 will be the ONLY HARDCOVERS! Yikes!
In the ten books I plan to bring Ella Enchanted, Speak,Wuthering Heights,A Great and Terrible Beauty, and The Goose Girl.
Now I know I'm being ridiculous and I probably should only bring, like, three since there won't be any time for reading.
By the time everything else is packed, there probably won't be room for books.
But oh well, this is what I've decided.

Friday, April 11, 2008


Yet another Harry Potter meets Country Song Youtube video (except I think this is my favorite!)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Truth About Forver by Sarah Dessen

Now, I know what you're going to think as soon as you see the title and cover of Truth. But it's one of the books I read on hiatus (yes, I read more than Ophelia), and I have to say, I enjoyed it very much. Sarah Dessen is a very talented author (she also wrote This Lullaby, one of my favorites), she has a way to make you really care about her characters. The plot might not necesarily have been riveting, but there is a natural suspence you feel about getting to see what her characters do or go through next. I recommend this book for 14+, since there is a bit of language.

Macy is not looking foward to this summer. Her boyfriend is going off to "brain camp", and she is stuck working his job at the info desk at the library, where her co-workers frequently ignore her. With her father dying just recently, and her mother constantly in work mode, Macy is lonely and doesn't expect the word "fun" to come up by any chance.
But that's just what happens.
Macy meets the Wish Catering crew: chaos-driven Delia, the zany Kristy, monotone Monica, doomsday-er Bert, and best of all...Wes. Wes, who intrigues Macy by his artistic talents--and his attractiveness. Wes, who already has a girlfriend, but who befriends Macy. Wes, who teaches Macy the truth about forever and gives her the strength to stop mourning her father.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Five Crazy Things I did When I was a Little Kid

1. I wrote a sequel to The Bronze Bow that involved my favorite pop artist at the time.
2. Well I'm not really sure if this counts as ME being crazy, but when I was little my aunt had three pet snakes and she'd put one around my neck as a necklace and taught me how to take care of them, how to milk the venom...etc. To this day I'm not really afraid of snakes as most people are. (But it was a crazy experience!)
3. My parents had geese, so I got this bright idea when I was six (after watching Fly Away Home too many times) that I would get a few of their eggs and incubate them. My grandpa bought the incubator, and my dad helped me find four relatively unblemished eggs--and bam! After a few months of turning them over constantly and shining a flashlight through them to see the growth--I had four new geese (or goslings?)! And yes, they really do follow you around in a single-file line like lost puppies ^_^
4. I begged my dad to read me Goosebumps books night after night and I got wicked nightmares...
5. I (accidently) called my grandmother a vampire (again I say accidently).
I was about three years old and I said something along the lines of
"Don't worry that you're old, grandma, you're a vampire!" My mom still bursts out laughing when someone brings it up (CURSE GOOSEBUMPS FOR GIVING ME IDEAS!!!!)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


YAYNESS! Hiatus is over!
Now that it is, I'll be able to check everyone's blogs more often. And, of course, post.
Actually, I'd like to expound on that project I mention a month earlier.
I'm re-telling Beaty and the Beast and setting it in modern times.
No really, I am.
It's because I've never found a modern adaption that I really like. Robin McKinley's Beauty is my favorite re-telling, because it keeps so close to the story.
I hope to do this also--but put it into our world (and add in my own "flair" ^_^).
Which has been SUCH a challenge.
I'm beginning to figure out that I sort of like challenges...
But anyway, that's all I'm telling right now. Maybe I'll put up an excerpt sometime when I get it all worked out.
Anyway, that's all.
Have a great day!
Sookie ^_^