Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bicycling. Blogging. Books. Tennis????

Sorry that I haven't exactly kept to my two-posts-a-week goal. My current schedule is hardly condusive to blogging. Or reading.
Despite the latter fact, I bought Elizabeth C. Bunce's A Curse Dark as Gold today. I didn't think it was coming out for awhile...but I saw it at the bookstore, so I picked it up.
Then I went bicycle shopping. I haven't ridden since before my age was two digits. (Maybe six? Maybe eight?)
As soon as I get my new bike (I already know what I want--I'm picky: it has to have 21 speeds, an aluminum frame, 24" wheels ,hey, don't look at me like that, I'm short!, front and rear suspension, and please please be light blue, blue, or green, no pink or purple!), I know I'll fall right off. But oh well--I've decided that I'm going to bike my way around campus (whichever college I end up choosing).
Ooh--exciting news on that front! This week I was accepted to Stephen F. Austen University. YAY YAY YIGGEDY YAY! I thought it was so funny--my acceptance letter said "You're a Lumberjack!" and I was like, what???? (My brain kinda fries after tennis practice), then I figured out that the lumberjack is the school's mascot. (*breathes a sigh of relief* I cannnot do anything involving an axe or tree cutting).
Anyway, speaking of tennis.....
The season just started up again. In celebration I made this *very simple* little ad for a tennis supply store. It's animated is on the most basic level--but I still love it:

I'm thinking of adding it to the Gogu Graphics website.

I am so, so sorry I haven't been able to keep up with everyone's blogs the way I want to. I will try to do better this week....


Erin said...

You made that?! Wow...sweet. :) I bow to your talent. *bows*

Congrats on another acceptance!

I hope you enjoy 'Curse'.

bohae said...

That's really really cool! :D

And congrats, "Lumberjack" ;)

Anidori-Isilee said...


A Curse Dark as Gold is my new favorite book. I loved it.

Sookie said...

Erin: thanks! Yeah...I may have gone a little overboard with the colors. I've never seen an orange tennis ball or teal raquet...

bohae: hee hee, thanks *smiles and picks up axe*

anidori isilee: yes, yes! I adore curse!

Noel De Vries said...

I'm so jealous ... the library where I work isn't placing an order until March! I'm dying to read Curse... I just might have to buy it myself *gasp*