Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

Wow, it has been awhile since I've written...
(I still have that Red Queen's Daughter review I have to write.)
Last semester was so CRAZY. And this one's slowly showing signs of getting worse....Now that there is more homework than ever, a plethora of new deadlines. Not to mention the graduating and application process itself (I mean, when I thought about applying to colleges, I had that happy moment in mind--kind of like when Rory of Gilmore Girls applies to Harvard...but it's nothing like that! It's insane! least it was for me; oh joy now I'm rambling....)
Okay, I think a big, fat, loud "Get on with it!" is implied.
So....On to my New Year's Resolutions. Here they are:
1. Eat Healthier and excercise more often (I have no target weight...I just want to be a little healthier now that I am in *health* class)
2. Write in this blog more (this is the one I want to achieve the most!)
3. Write more (this has been my New Year's Resolution for the past two years)
4. Stop drinking so much caffiene (I probably didn't spell it right, but you get the picture...)
5. Graduate high school (woot!)

Anyway, hope ya'll have a great evening
~Sookie ^_^


Erin said...

Go Sookie! *rah rah rah*

Sookie said...

He he! Thanks Erin ^_^