Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Book Wish List

I'm sorry for yet another mini hiatus! Final reviews are brutal--as are wrap-up-the-quarter tests and COLLEGE APPLICATIONS!!!! (Still haven't successfuly gotten one in the mail yet).
All right, enough of that babble. Here is my current book wish list for the holidays.


Leap of Faith--Erin reviewed this one, and I find the differences in denominations to be fascinating for some reason. So it's a must-read.


Tantalize: A werewolf, a vampire-chef-in-training, and one very unique girl all combine to make this story seem tempting to read. plus its set in the Texas capital--Austin!!! I personally give cudos to any author who writes about vampires in Austin...


Princess Mia: this is the last installment of the Princess Diaries series. It won't be out for awhile.


Spiderwick Chronicles: I really, really want to buy these but they're so expensive!!


Out of the Wild: I can't wait for this one! As always, Sarah Beth Durst's books promise adventure and fun.


Wildwood Dancing: I've heard many, many great reviews of this book. Plus--it combines fairies with Romania! Yay!


Breaking Dawn: the fourth installment of the Twilight series. I seriously CANNOT WAIT!!!!!

Anyway, I haven't been posting enough in this blog. Sorry I've been neglecting for so long. Senior year is by far the busiest! ^_^


Erin said...

Is that the real/final cover for Breaking Dawn???

Fun post...I love all the looking at all the pretty book covers. :)

You will love Wildwood Dancing. I really want to read Out of the Wild, too.

Sookie said...

Erin: I am not sure. I DID find it on a google image search (showed up on the first page of results). Plus the fonts seem to be exactly the same as on the other books. However....it could always be a "fan" cover. I'm just not sure.

Em said...

I haven't heard anything about Breaking Dawn! I just started New Moon and am really enjoying the series. Where did you hear about this one? I just got an ARC today for her upcoming adult novel THE HOST. Sci-fi isn't really my fav topic but I'm going to give it a try anyway.

Sookie said...

Em: *drools* you got an arc of The Host by stephenie meyer? OH MY GOSH! Stephenie Meyer is one of my favorite authors. Oh what I wouldn't give give for an arc of any of her upcoming books....