Sunday, November 18, 2007

New Project????

I know I know! My mind is so easily changed about this whole blog layout thing! Anyway, I think I like this new look better. It's still got the dramatic red but touches home with the book banner and the warm greys.
I am SUCH a web designer type of person ^_^

Anyway, while I'm not working like mad on my nanowrimo novel, studying for tests, reading the dreaded government book, or signing autographs for my stellar performance in Oklahoma! (Heh, just joking there), the wheels of my mind have been turning (a dangerous thing). I've been thinking about starting a little community or online club, whatever you want to call it, for people who'd like to review YA Fantasy books. Specifically YA fantasy--plus tons of other stuff. Like maybe even graphics and fanfiction and book video contests (stuff that would have to do with a specific book). And maybe book memes and playlists and interviews...and, and.....Lots of things I love.
Would that be totally unoriginal?
Am I totally and completely insane?
Will I be struck with lightening for such an idea?
I don't know. But I'm still brainstorming about it.
If I do make said community, I think I'd better have it on either LiveJournal or Blogger. Definitely LiveJournal will have the upper hand because it allows you more design control and more than one maintainer--but then you'd also have to have an LJ account, and that might be a con...
Do ya'll have any ideas to add to this one?
Specifically for the name.
I'm thinking titles like "A Strange Tale" and "YA Fantasy Corner."
Of course those aren't very original, but I'm pretty tired tonight so my brain is pretty much low on function at the moment.
If ya'll think I'm crazy, just let me know.


Anidori-Isilee said...

I think there's tons of stuff like this. I know I'm in one at which is for "freaky" books but good books besides. But I'd definitely join yours.

No ideas at the moment. :D

Sookie said...

Thanks! I've posted on "Freaky Books" that I'd like to join, but no one's gotten back to me....
Anyway, it's always nice to have support--if I do make such a community-I'll totally add you!

Anonymous said...

Nah, you're not crazy. :D I hope everything works out.

Bohae said...

I think the idea is cool (and so is your new-new blog layout) - a bookworm can never really get tired of books or anything book-related. Anyway...the name (don't expect anything spectacular :) "Sky Castle" or "Dreamscape" or "Paradise: Books" - I know, these aren't great - my own imagination has been dulled by the anxieties of school ;)

Sookie said...

Anon: thanks!
Bohae: I actually like the names "Dreamscape" and "Sky Castle". They'll definitely be in the running

International Mastermind said...

Hi, Sookie!
(awesome name!)
Love the blog layout. The reason I haven't gotten back to you is that I usually don't check the first post anymore. :)
Just comment your email adress on the LATEST post, the one that you used for blogger.
The more the freakier!