Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr

Wicked Lovely Aislinn has lived by the rules her grandmother taught hr throughout her life. Don't look at the faeries. Don't speak to them. Don't let them know you can see them and you'll be safe. But Aislinn's rules are slowly becoming obsolete as two faeries pursue her and even talk to her under a thick coat of glamour. But Aislinn might be in more trouble than she thinks, especially since the one pursuing her is the Summer King, and along with him his Winter Girl--who warns of Keenan's (the Summer King's) cursed errand, and an unnamed test which Aislinn must take. And the results may well mean the end of humanity.

Wicked Lovely is deliciously realistic, set in our modern day world where faeries whirl about us everyday and we fail to notice them... The story is intriguing and dark. Some of the language and situations made me uncomfortable, however, so if the author ever puts out a sequel or another book, I'll have to seriously consider before reading it.


Erin said...

Nice review. :)

Bohae said...

Sounds great :)

Em said...

I liked this book too although the ending wasn't quite what I was expecting.