Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Last book I bought:
Carpe Diem by Autumn Cornwell

Book I'm reading:
The Last Battle from the Chronicles of Narnia

Total number of books I own:
Let's just put it this way--I have about two feet of space in my room plus the bed and a few furnitures--the rest is the books' lounging area. Though they're strewn about my house.

Three books that mean a lot to me:
New Moon by Stephenie Meyer
Night by Elie Wiesel
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Favorite Book:
Lots. But here are my official top ten right now: A Tale of Two Cities, Romeo and Juliet, New Moon, All the Harry Potter books, The Horse and His Boy, Wuthering Heights, and The Princess Bride....

Last film I saw:
Mr. Deeds (International House Pancake!)

Three (or four) films that mean a lot to me:
Pride and Prejudice (latest version)
The Princess Bride
Simply Irresistable
and I had to add one more:
Beauty and the Beast

Last CD I bought:
I haven't bought any CDs in the past year since I got an iPod. But right now I've been buying tons of songs from Muse and Beth Waters

Song currently playing:
The Boy who Blocked His Own Shot--Brand New

Songs that mean a lot to me:
(I think if my life had a soundtrack, it would pretty much be this)
Over My Head or any song from--The Fray
Loverly--from My Fair Lady
Sing for Absolution--Muse
On an Eveneing in Roma--Dean Martin
Crimson--Nicole Nordeman
Over the Rainbow--from Wizard of Oz
Leanring to Breathe--Switchfoot
Butterflies and Hurricanes--Muse
Fly Me to the Moon--Sinatra
Fairytales and Castles--Lifehouse

Favorite Food:
Mmm....I envy all of those who have never been to Texas (in particular: south Texas) and have never had our Tex-Mex. I love tacos, nachos, enchilladas, and chalupas--oh and flan and sopapillas!
Besides I all that, I like French and Italian food a lot. Plus my American staples: pizza, cheeseburger, brownies, and hot dogs.

Favorite Drink:
The Raspberry Italian soda at this place called Gritalia.

Favorite Vacation:
I've only been out of the U.S. once: to the Bahamas. But I know I will love it when I go to Israel to study. Oh, and when I go to Romania and Italy also.

Favorite Vice:
Well, I'm not sure I like any vices. But if I had to choose....It would be Pride.


Erin said...

Oh, I should've included Beauty and the Beast on my means-a-lot-to-me film list, too, for my fourth. :)

Polka Dotted Pickles said...

That was a fun one. I think I'll try it.

hwalk said...

I love your list of favorite books right now. I've actually read and loved all of them.

I need to go back and reread Chronicles of Narnia. It's been too long.

Sookie said...

Erin: I almost forgot that one--but then I remembered which movie my parents get mad at me most for renting :-)

hwalk: Yeah, I had to go back, too....

Bohae said...

Ooh, I think my dad is going to buy me Carpe Diem when he's in Singapore!! (He said I could make a list of books I want, and he'll buy one every week he's there... (I don't think Amazon ships to Indonesia...))

Anidori-Isilee said...

Bohae--I checked on, and it looks like they'll ship books to Indonesia.

Mads said...

I really enjoyed Wuthering Heights also. I don't really get why the mnetioned it in Eclipse so much though... it didn't really make sense to me.

Sookie said...

Mads, I really think that every book in the Twilight series is symbolically linked to a great classic.
For example:
Twilight=Pride and Prejudice

New Moon=Romeo and Juliet

Eclipse=Wuthering Heights (because Bella, like Cathy, is selfish and Edward, like Heathcliff, is evil in some ways)

Anidori-Isilee said...

And according to what I've read on Amazon, Breaking Dawn is A Midsummer Night's Dream, but I don't know anything else. I haven't read the play yet.