Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fantasy Fiction-Writing Cook for Hire!

Sorry again that I've been incognito for awhile. Senior year is becoming even more hectic than I thought. Writing has become, even more, a source of detox.
Anyway, tomorrow in my English class, we have two assignments due. One of them is to submit a food or dish that symoblizes a character or theme in The Great Gatsby (the feast is tomorrow--it's too bad we couldn't make it a REAL Gatsby-style party, but the only person who knows how to make mocktails was told she couldn't). So I've decided to make a strawberry cake with rich chocolate icing and a liberal amount of sprinkles. The cake has a three-tiered meaning. The Chcocolate Icing= the wealth and moral decay that we think Gatsby has before we really get to know him. The Strawberry Cake=Gatsby's true goodness and uniqueness. The Sprinkles=the parties Gatsby throws to attract Daisy. I'm thinking of naming it "The Green Light Cake" (Note--if you haven't read the Great Gatsby, you probably don't understand this).
The other assignment that just happens to be due tomorrow: our senior surveys. These are the things that have ridiculous questions like this: "Where do you hope to be in ten years?" "Can you list your strengths and weaknesses?" "How have your strengths and weaknesses affected your high school experience?" "What career would you most like to pursue?"
For me, these are pretty bad questions, because I have no idea what *secondary* career I want to pursue other than writing. I have no idea where I intend to be in ten years.
Perhaps I could be cook--since I like making food so much these days (or that might have been the intense hunger I get from running Crosscountry for hours in 100 degree heat). The only problem is--it would get in the way of my writing. Besides, the other cooks might scoff at my desire to write about dragons and faeries and vampires. *tear*
You see--this is how I think about 60% of the time.
But right now--I need to focus on getting into COLLEGE!!!!!! I suppose that's what I need to write on my senior survey. Has this whole entry been a very deceptive way of ignoring my homework?
Much love and strawberry cake,
Sookie ^_^


Bohae said...

Yum, cake ;) Fun time as a senior, I see!

Edge said...

That's a fun assignment. Hmmm...how could I convince my future English teachers to have cooking assignments to mirror what we're reading? :-)

Sookie said...

Bohae: Yes, the cake was scrupmtious; but I'd say more like slave-labor than fun! Okay, that's actually not true. I am having a pretty good time being a senior--but it's a lot of work!

Edge: the next time ya'll read an interesting book, bring it up before or after class.

Polka Dotted Pickles said...

Good luck!