Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Y. S. Wilce [dot] com

I'm still waiting for The Amber Spyglass (I want to review the whole series as a set). So while I'm waiting, I'm also, you guessed it, reading another book.
Flora Segunda by Y. S. Wilce.

It's very amusing so far, but what really did the trick was the author's website: http://yswilce.com/. Even if you haven't read the book yet, it's still pretty hilarious. Especially the Alta Califa, which is a newspaper of utter nonsense. I especially like the quote at the beginning: "Truth is a virtue; lying, an art" (although that may be a quote by some literary genious like Longfellow, I have yet to know).
Anyway, this is my last week before school. So I'm also busy reading the required books :Death of a Salesman, The Great Gatsby, and Wuthering Heights.
And, of course, I'm still waiting for that fickle copy of The Amber Spyglass (it seems whenever I don't want it--it's out there on display at the library, but whenever I do--it's rented out by a slow reader or someone who doesn't like returning library books...)


Bohae said...

Well, since you're on the third book, and haven't abandoned the trilogy yet, then I think you probably enjoy the books?? I really loved them... and it's always the case, isn't it?

Well, when I was in the States, and I was browsing the online library catalog, I saw Princess Academy was available for checking out, and I didn't even know who Shannon Hale was at the time (GASP), and then when I wanted to check it out, it was already checked out. So I just bought it, after a while. I'm glad I did :)

Sookie said...

Oh, yes. I have enjoyed the books so far. But it's not fair!!!! The Subtle Knife had a cliff-hanger ending. And I'm dying to read the next...
(More thoughts on the series forthcoming, though)

Did you know--I actually found The Goose Girl and Shannon Hale through my mom?
I was fifteen at the time, and I was browsing shelves and my mom picked up the book right away, because at my old house I had about five geese (which I loved and kept till we moved to the city). So anything with "Goose Girl" on it would have found its way to me eventually....Then I read the book, and loved it, and read it more, and.....I you probably know the rest.

Bohae said...

That's great! :) Oh, I wish I owned the His Dark Materials trilogy... I only borrowed them at the library, but it seems my greedy self says: I want to own all books in the world!! Muhahahaha!

Or something like that ;)

Anidori-Isilee said...

I first borrowed The Goose Girl from the library because I figured I might as well because it would give me something to read, but not really because I was dying to read it. *rolls eyes* How foolish of me. Similar to what happened with Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

I hate summer required reading. Still suffering through The Grapes of Wrath. Death of a Salesman isn't too bad; it's really short. And Wuthering Heights? Love it, though it can't compare to Jane Eyre. ;)

Sookie said...

Anidori Isilee: I loved Jane Eyre, too. Really, I didn't think I could relate to a character more when I read it! (And I re-read it once or twice a year).
But there's just something about Wuthering Heights.....It probably can't be explained. But I think I might like it better. We'll see...
Bohae: I'd gladly join your quest to own every book in the world! BWAHAHA *grins wickedly*.

Anidori-Isilee said...

I would love to own every book in the world, but then I'd feel the need to read all those books and...I wouldn't have the time...and I wouldn't know which book to start with...and I wouldn't have the room...but why not? ;)