Saturday, August 18, 2007

Too Cool For School

School, school, school....brings back a certain...nostalgia. *Sniff*
It just dawned on me today that this is my last year of high school when my manager (I work at a bookstore: it figures) asked me if I had already gotten my senior pictures made so that I could put them on the invitations to my graduation at the end of the year....and if not, she'd be happy to recommend a few photographers.
My mouth just hung open.
"What?" I finally asked when I came back to reality.
", um.....I....?" *Mumbles unintelligably*
"Sooks, you really gotta get that done. And you need to go to a proffesional photogographing place, that you can get some pictures of you in the graduation robes they have on hand--to place in your invitation card. Oh, and have 'Class of 2008' Printed on your picture"
"...And you've got to get more than one session, too! So you can have more to choose from..."
"But I thought, I thought.....I didn't know there was this much more to it!"
"Being a senior? Yes, it's much more than senior retreat and fundraising and having a lighter homework load. Because trust me, you'll be on your toes all year."
"My toes?" *Looks down at toes in cute black ballerina slippers*
"Yes, Sookie, your toes."
"But, but, but...."
"No buts, Sookie. You need to get those pictures done soon. And restack all those books that toddler has thrown on the floor. And ask if that lady over there with the sunglasses who looks mysteriously like J.K. Rowling needs any help."
Okay, so that last part was made up a bit...Well, not the restacking part. Heath really has no respect for the wellbeing of the books. But he is only a toddler....I *suppose* I should forgive him for nearly tearing up the paperbacks section....
No J.K. Rowling sightings yet--but I'll keep on the lookout just in case she ever comes to Texas.
Anyway--back to being a senior and all that. Man I have to get cracking.....There are pictures to take, smelly robes to buy, invitations to fill out, yearbooks to sign, applications to fill out....Oh the horror! The horror! And school hasn't even started yet.


Bohae said...

School seems to make you stressed out even before it starts. And then once it starts... the world ends. At least for several months. Then summer is come: freedom :p

Anidori-Isilee said...

I can't even think about school in any serious way yet without getting a headache.

My brother's a senior too this year.

Erin said...

That was a fun post to read. :)

Remind me to tell you about my almost-not-really-J.K. meeting

I am sooo excited for school to start this year!

Sookie said...

Bohae: I hear you. Except this time it's much, much worse--because once summer comes I have to go to College!

Anidori-Isilee: I get school-induced headaches all the time.... I suggest a liberal dose of Tylenol and a large amount of ice cream eaten all at once--brain freeze!

Erin: You almost-not-really met J.K.! That is so cool! Do tell! I am excited somewhat for school to start tomorrow. After all--it's my senior year!

Erin said...

OK. Now that I have more time on my hands than earlier....

I was in an airport in S. CA. This woman who looked exactly like JK was sitting across from me with a little boy who was the exact age her son should've been at the time. What was MORE: I had just read on Mugglenet a few days ago that she was in LA. So I was like - nah - well - maybe - oh my gosh could it be? No, it probably isn't. But what if...??!

So I was whispering my suspicions to my mom and mom said, well go ask her. Of course I refused. So then mom stated the obvious: Does she have an accent? I felt really stupid, so I waited, and....she wouldn't talk. I was practically squirming in my seat. TALK TO YOUR SON WOMAN! lol

Finally, after much excruciating pain on my side, she did talk, and was accent-less.

Oh well.

It's still a fun story to tell. :D

So now you know all about the time I almost-not-really met JK!