Friday, August 3, 2007

New Layout

So what do you think about my new layout? It's a bit on the serious side....But I'll probably get bored with it soon and change it :-). Though I like it now. It's kind of autumn-y, and I love autumn, so I'm pretty excited for summer to be over (normally it would be as hot as the tenth circle of hell outside, this is Texas, after all, but this summer we've had kind of a freak-rain torrent all season long, which keeps the temp cool and the skies gray--but normally you can see why I'd love autumn).
Ps. I found some Eclipse spoilers (Yes, yes I know, I know, I shouldn't ruin the book for myself...I should wait to read it in all its glory.....etc. I just couldn't, it was the same way with New Moon). Well, these "spoilers" didn't really spoil much, so I won't either. Apparently it's one of the best of the series, and Bella learns a little bit more about how vampirism would effect her if she were ever to change, and we do see more of Jacob.....yeah, that's pretty much it.
(love saying that word)


Anidori-Isilee said...

I like the new layout. I love autumn, too, though I'm more than dreading the start of school.

*sigh* I so can't wait for Eclipse.

Toodles just makes me think of Hannah Montana.

Bohae said...

I like it! I had to change my blogs' layouts several times... I might keep changing 'em. Anyway, I am patiently waiting for Eclipse.

OK, I lied ;) I'm just not the patient type...

Sookie said...

Ha ha! Yeah I forgot about Hannah Montanna-such a cute show. It's really a guilty pleasure for me because I am supposed to be *an adult* and not watch kid shows...but I can't help myself. That So Raven is also one of my favorites.
Thanks Bohae!
I understand about Eclipse completely....

Erin said...

Lol, we're the Hannah Montana closet fans. ;)