Thursday, August 9, 2007

If I were a Meme: I'd be this one

Alright, I'm done reading Eclipse the first time around. I'm planning on reading it again. So reveiw forthcoming. But I wanted to do this first. It's from Farm Girl.

1. If I were a planet, I would be: a falling star; true, it's not a planet, but heck meteors are a lot more interesting than Jupiter.

2. If I were a month, I would be: October; Brisk but not freezing, trees changing colors, I equate the smell of October to than of cinnamon sugar, and Halloween....Free candy+ Costumes= lots of♥

3. If I were a day of the week, I would be: Friday, it's just the best day of the school week, isn't it? Because you've got the weekend to look forward to...

4. If I were a time of day, I would be: midnight; I'm a night owl. I operate best at night and worst in the morning...

5. If I were a sea animal, I would be: a mermaid--I would SO not want to be a fish or anything....

6. If I were a direction, I would be: East. Because I've always wanted to visit East Europe.

7. If I were a piece of furniture, I would be: a divan--you know, one of those red, plush couch/bed things that drama queens faint onto ;o)

8. If I were a sin, I would be: selfishness or maybe anger

9. If I were a historical figure, I would be: Jane Austen, she is one of the greatest authors of her time. She was quirky, her writing at times hilarious (at times heartbreaking), and her stories inspired nearly every romantic comedy today. Plus--she was perceptive, and had the skill to see people for what they were.

10. If I were a liquid, I would be: apple cider.

11. If I were a stone, I would be: emerald; I'm Irish.

12. If I were a tree, I would be: oak.

13. If I were a bird, I would be: a red cardinal.

14. If I were a tool, I would be: the toolbox...? Lol, I have no idea what I'd be...

15. If I were a flower/plant, I would be: a lily

16. If I were a kind of weather, I would be: a sunny day with a brisk wind and slightly chilled air.

18. If I were an animal, I would be: a red fox

19. If I were a color or shade, I would be:berry red

20. If I were an emotion, I would be: peacefulness...a lot of people say I'm easy to be with because I "exude calm" (?????)

21. If I were a vegetable, I would be: a sweet potato...the only vegetable I really like (and only with brown sugar and marshmallows...Or deep fried and made in to crispy fries)

22. If I were a sound, I would be: the sound of a singing bird

23. If I were an element, I would be: water

24. If I were a vehicle, I would be: a Fiot Spider.

25. If I were a song, I would be: one of Norah Jone's songs

26. If I were a movie, I would be directed by: M. Night Shayamalan

27. If I were a book, I would be written by: myself! I love to write!

28. If I were a food, I would be: Sweet Potato fries

29. If I were a place, I would be: Transylvania, Romania. It's so pretty there! The sunflowers, fields of them, are absolutely gorgeous....

30. If I were a material, I would be: tartan plaid; interesting, texturized, and soft and warm to keep out the cold.

31. If I were a taste, I would be: hot, sweet, and bitter hot chocolate with a liberal dose of coffee and a lot of marshmallows and cinnamon

32. If I were a scent, I would be: cinnamon sugar

33. If I were a word, I would be: dreamy

34. If I were a body part, I would be: eyes; they are perceptive and have a language all their own...

35. If I were a facial expression, I would be: a cross-eyed one with a tongue sticking out....a little bit rebellious and silly at the same time

36. If I were a subject in school, I would be: favorite subject...

37. If I were a cartoon character, I would be: The Pink Panther--he's my favorite!

38. If I were a shape, I would be: a heart

If anyone one wants to do this--tell me! It's a lot of fun...


Anidori-Isilee said...

That was hard.

Enna Isilee said...

Spiffa Sookie. I like. I did. I had fun.

Bohae said...

I think I'm going to do this..

Bohae said...

OK, I just posted... ;)

Bethany said...

Neat! It was really fun to fill out. Transylvania? Are you friends with Dracula? hehe