Monday, August 20, 2007

First Day of School: Favorite Moments, + Updates

Favorite Moments
Since my camra broke (*tear*) I don't have any pictures to show....So I'll just type it all out.
+When I got to school and got parked and everything: I saw my two best friends and we practically ran to meet and hug each other, and nearly knock each other over. It was a totally Gilmore Girl moment.
+I met a new girl (sophomore) who I have Speech with, who formerly had homeschooling. I got to show her around--introduce her to all my cool people and I found out that she's read the Twilight Series! Although she's team Edward and I'm not sure how I feel about that....Just kiddin'. It was nice playing the big senior girl who knew how to get the lockers open....
+In my first class of the day, Speech, all the seniors had to make an impromptu speech talking on a subject picked randomly from a pile. Guess what I got? Yes that's right, people. Philosophy. I know zip about philosophy. As far as I know, when I make my breakfast in the morning, philosophy is that yellow stuff that I spread on my toast... So I asked my new teacher if I could pick a new topic and she said, "No. You can talk about how you became a Christian. Chrsitianity is full of philosophies....." Well, Thanks for that Mrs. Feola. I really don't like talking about that in front of people I don't know...It was a pretty personal experience for me. So I summarized and mumbled something unintelligable and the teacher decided my minute and a half was up forty five seconds early.
+I found out I have Portfolio this year--which is a pretty sweet class. All year long we work with all different types of mediums (to your choice--I even heard the phrase "candle-making" in the mediums that the teacher listed). But they all have to be centered around a theme or story of your choosing. I have a couple of mind--such as "Love Throughout the Ages" and "Coffee and Books". But I was also thinking of recreating the story of The Goose Girl. Not the book, the folktale. I'm thinking that if I do this--I'll use fabrics, paint, and various textures to make the story.
+In Math Models class, my only, thank goodness, math class this year, a kid behind me asked the teacher "Is this going to be beneficial or teach us anything we need to know at all?" and the teacher answered "No." (My kind of math class! No geometry or algebra here!)
+My last class of the day--Spanish 3--the teacher couldn't be there. So our principle came and talked to us instead. One guy asked about our new teacher, "What does she look like?"
And the principle answered, "Um, a woman" *Giggles*.
+If you haven't checked my sidebar thingy in awhile, you should. There's a new button on there called "goodreads" it links to a site where I'm keeping track of my book reviews, and the books that I'm reading. Check it out!

Have a great day,


Polka Dotted Pickles said...

Woo hoo! First days are always fun. :)

Sookie said...

yes, they are. ;-)

Polka Dotted Pickles said...

The bracelets are twenty dollars per. :)

Erin said...

I liked the update - hope your year is a great one!

did you see my comment on your "Too Cool For School" post?

Bohae said...

Erm, I'm not such a great fan of school... especially when you're new. But the week I've been at school has gone by so quickly. And I also did check your sidebar... and you're on The Amber Spyglass!!