Sunday, August 12, 2007

Feature Review: Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

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Feature Review: Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer


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As Seattle is ravaged by a string of mysterious killings and a malicious vampire continues her quest for revenge, Bella once again finds herself surrounded by danger. In the midst of it all, she is forced to choose between her love for Edward and her friendship with Jacob -- knowing that her decision has the potential to ignite the ageless struggle between vampire and werewolf. With her graduation quickly approaching, Bella has one more decision to make: life or death. But which is which?


Okay, here I go. I will try my best not to spoil anything for those of you who haven’t been able to read it yet.

Eclipse was a book like non other I’ve read before. I mean, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was practically edge-of-your-seat tension all the way through. But Eclipse was an altogether different kind of experience.

I love the Twilight World. I love the characters—even the least likely to be loved, such as the Volturi. Stephenie Meyer is a brilliant author, and this is why: she makes you fall in love and care about her characters. And in Eclipse, when the characters are ill at ease with each other, it makes you squirm. The taste and texture of the book—Eclipse—was a bit the same as the other three. Deep, sensuous, flowing, and always blood red—like wine. But the plot was less spread out than the other three. It was jam packed with action, new discoveries, and danger. There wasn’t a moment’s rest for Bella—no reprieve for the reader, either. That’s why this book gave me a migraine—serious! Every time I picked it up I had to take some Advil! But that didn’t make me unlove Eclipse. In fact, I liked it even more than I thought I would. It was at times heartbreaking, at others memorable and light. At others violent and raging.

But most of all it was surprising.

It was surprising because I found out that I really did like Edward. After the second book—I never thought I’d love any character more than Jacob.

And while I still don’t love Edward that much—I like him better than I did in the previous two. He really is a good guy.I agree with Anidori-Isilee that he became a much more realistic character in Eclipse than in the other ones.

Jacob, on the other hand, became irritable in this book. Though underneath it all—he’s got the best spirit and personality I think of all the other characters. That’s why the ending broke my heart.

But anyway: what was also surprising is that we learn more of Rosalie and Jasper’s histories. These are the two Cullens that Stephenie seems to have just shoved to the side for Edward and the rest. And I’m really glad we got to see a bit more of them. As for the very controversial scene where Bella tries to, er.....seduce Edward, I think it was really unnecessary. I think that Stephenie might have only written it in because of the demands of fans who....let’s say, feel the need for Bella and Edward’s relationship to take that turn. Which is utterly stupid if you ask me. Bella and Edward may be mature in some things, but they are innocent when it comes to....yeah. And as a Christian myself, I don’t really want to read about it. And besides—it really comes to nothing at the end. So we could have spared that scene. Well...except for the end and everything. The proposal was good...It’s just, yeah.....We didn’t need that.

I was also disappointed that Bella never really mulled over the choice she had to make in the end. I mean, it’s the most important choice of her life! And it’s only after we find out that Bella and Jacob are meant to be together. As Jacob says, it would have been natural. Had not Edward gone to Biology class on that fateful day....

Anyway, I’m waiting to see what Breaking Dawn bring. And in the mean time—I really encourage people to read Eclipse twice. You really get so much more out of it your second time in......


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What am I reviewing next?

The Golden Compass

And after that? I'll be writing my top five of the month thingy. For July. It's really going to come late this time....


Bohae said...

Gah! I am craving ECLIPSE!! ... so many books so little here! (For me, at least!) Uggh, I only own Twilight, I've borrowed New Moon (and I think I need to reread that, but I don't have it), and I need Eclipse, to keep going with the series. But great review, I enjoyed it :)

*Defeated sigh* At least, I know that Eclipse is a pretty good book, by the looks of several reviews, and I'm looking forward to see how you like The Golden Compass (and the rest of the trilogy). Anyway, please dismiss my pessimistic self, for I have occasional outbursts of such ;)

Enna Isilee said...

I would have to disagree with you unfortunately. I think that Stephenie Meyer is a wonderful storyteller, but she is not a wonderful writer. She overuses many words and I could not connect with any of her characters. In fact, when most people ask my opinion of the books I say "Love Love LOVE the books! Hate all the characters."

Of course there's characters like Alice that you can't help loving but...

Nonetheless Eclipse was an AMAZING book. I loved it!


its been over a week since eclpise has been out and mine still hasnt come in, im getting really impatient....

Sookie said...

Dakota's Kool: did you order it from Amazon, or Barnes and Nobles? Because if you did, it should have been shipped to you a long time ago. If not, then you can always contact their trouble-shooting department.