Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Strange Dream

What do ya'll think about this dream I had last night.

Okay, so I'm walking down the street and I see my house and it has the Dark Mark over it.
And I'm like, "Holy cow! I get to fight Voldemort and the Death Eaters!" (yes, that is exactly what I thought in my dream, I am so not making this up). So I go up to the door and I somehow have a wand in my hand, and I go in, and there's the whole gang of scary looking Death Eaters about to kill me.
And suddenly I see Voldemort and before anyone's Avra Kedavra'd, I'm like,
"Expelliarmus! Priori Incatatum! Alohomora!" And about fifty million other spells we see in the Harry Potter books.
Of course chaos ensues...and the death eaters all turn into pillars of black dust that whirl around like they do in the movie, and somehow I end up stuck in an elevator with Voldemort.
Yes, that's right. From my house to an elevator.
With Voldemort.
Old spidey eyes himself.
So were sitting there in the elevator chatting (yes, chatting--what else can you do with a sadistic villain of a book series when you're stuck on an elevator with him?). And he told me his life's story, which of course I knew from the books...but I still listened to it.
And finally I said, "Dude, it's still not cool that you kill people. And what's up with the nose, anyway?" (Ralph Fiennes' costume in OOTP includes this really weird looking nose that looks like it's only half finished or something).

And that's when my dream came to an abrupt end: when my alarm clock went off.
Does anyone wish to interpret this sucker?
Because I still can't.

Methinks I am anticipating Harry Potter 7 a little too much.
Anyway, I found a good picture of Voldemort's nose.

Three days till Harry Potter 7!


Erin said...

That was absolutely hilarious to read.

Sookie said...

and that's the only part I can really remember....there was more to it, too.....involving Snape glaring at me and Voldemort from a ceiling tile...and something with Bellatrix Lestrange, too...but I can't remember.