Sunday, July 8, 2007

Into the Wild: Review

Into the Wild
Sarah Beth Durst

Ever have a strange occurence where you've judged a book by its cover, and it turned out to be a wonderful book?
That was what Into the Wild was like for me.
I love the cover! I love how creative it is--and I especially like the walking cat. You don't see too many walking cats on book covers now, do you?
And the book proved to be as interesting and thought provoking as its cover.
What would it be like to have Repunzel as a mother? And what would it be like to have to wage war against crazed ferns that spit out invisibility cloaks and three-mile boots? What would it be like to have to repeat your life's story over and over again? If I tripped into the Wild, what fairytale would it try to place me in?

The crazed fern is actually The Wild, the essence of Fairytales and what Repunzel had to sacrifice to get the other fairytale characters out of.
Julie is her daughter and now the keeper of the tangle of ferns that is the weakened Wild. Poor Julie, she just wants to be normal--but everything from her mother, to her witch grandmother, to the strange magical jungle under her bed that keeps eating her shoes doesn't permit that.
And now it's gotten worse--someone made a wish in the Wishing Well and the Wild has come out from Julie's bed and grown and multiplied so much so that it swallows Julie's hometown in Massachusetts, taking her mother, her grandmother, and their friends with it.
Now it's up to Julie to venture into the Wild with only a bike, a backpack, and her adoptive brother, Puss n' Boots to save their loved ones and capture the magical Wild once again. But Julie gets more than she bargained for--and may well have to make deep personal sacrifices to get them out again.


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