Friday, June 1, 2007

This Summer, I......

Danced the tarantella with a fire-breathing dragon? Shimmied with the singing snake of Snogdon? Went for a vacation to another dimension?

We all know the most dreaded writing assignment in elementary school: write a page about what you did over the summer. I always wrote the minimal amount that I could get away with, and was extremely chagrined when we had to read these out loud.
Who really cares if we went to Louisianna and got pinched by our second cousins all day? Who honestly was listening to "Well....I-I built a fort and then I-I went fishing with my dad and I-yeah that's pretty much it."
I know I wasn't, I was daydreaming about all the things I WISHED I'd done during summer break. Not normal things like ride a bycicle to Suzie Lou's every wednesday or drive to Dallas to visit those pinching-crabs of cousins. No, I mean COOL things, like Fantastic things that only happen in books and movies.
Instead of bycicling I'd fly to Suzie Lou's-then we could fly together and surprise attack my second cousins before they pinched us to death.....We could turn them into big giant lobsters-then throw them out to sea in a boat made entirely out of whip cream in an ocean full of lime coke and giant ice cubes that never melt. Then we'd convert the school to a big giant jacuzzi and never have to do homework again!

So, with the fact that summer has just begun in mind, I've made my own meme about summer things.
Here it is:

This summer, would you rather.......
1. fly on a broomstick or move things with your mind?

2. Grow wings or develop an ability to see the future?

3. Go to Mars or go to Faeryland?

4. Go looking for trolls or take a ride on a dragon?

5. Stake out a vampire coven or eat steak with one?

6. Attend a funeral with a Banshee or visit Roswell, NM?

7. Be magically transported to a world where everything is black and white or be trapped in the Beast's castle?

8. Find out your teacher is actually an alien or find out your parents are wizards and witches?

9. Drink a mochalatte with Yoda or have a glass of water with The Lady of the Lake?

10. Have a pixie as a pet or a flying alligator?

I tag anyone who reads this. Plus Miss Erin and Pickles



Erin said...

Sweet! Will do asap.

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Bethany said...

Neat meme! I want to do it, but it will have to wait until I am home. Congratulations on graduating!!!!!!!