Thursday, June 28, 2007

Personal News: Visiting the Holy Lands

Okay everybody--guess what?
I might be going to Israel and Jordan this October!!!!!!!!!!
I'm so excited!!!
Remember when I said that I might go to France? Well, that fell through mysteriously. So I couldn't go this summer.
But five days ago I was invited by a group of Eschotologists (Christians who study the end times and Revelations) to go on their next excursion to Israel.
It's an eight day tour of the whole country!
I'd literally get to see everything: Jerusalem, the Mediterranian, the Dead Sea, the Jordan River, Caeseria, Galilee, Nazarith, Petra.....They're even going to be having a little "class" in the valley of Armageddon, where the Battle is going to take place.
I really, really, REALLY want to go!!!!!!
The only problems: passports (with the Imagration thing), and my school.
Normally missing eight days of school would be a sinch--but this is my Senior Year and because my old school messed around with my credits I have to take an extra class outside of school-which means literally I'm taking nine courses this year, plus applying to colleges and such.....
But still: it would be so cool!
One thing's for sure--if I go to Israel, I'll buy a digital camera, take pictures, and post them up here on this blog.
From what I've heard--Israel has internet cafes all over, so that should be helpful.
Oh, and does anyone know any Israeli phrases besides "Shalom", because that's all I know right now.
More later,


Erin said...

WOWOWOW! This would be so amazingly cool! I hope you can go!

Bethany said...

Oh, fun!!!! I hope everything works out for you. It sounds like a really neat opportunity!

Sookie said...

Thanks guys!!!! I'm really excited!