Monday, June 11, 2007

Book Review: The Darkangel

The Darkangel by Meredith Anne Peirce
The Darkangel, a winged creature that is reeking havoc in its world, is on the lookout for another wife. His thirteenth, in fact. And Aeriel, a lowly village servant girl, is there to witness the kidnapping.
Her mistress is taken abruptly by the Darkangel, as is Aeriel who means to kill the Darkangel (and falls under his spell instead).
The Darkangel takes Aeriel to his castle, where she is to serve the thirteen souless wraiths (wives), who insist that Aeriel MUST kill the Darkangel when he takes his fourteenth and final wife, takes her soul, and present his vials of the souls to the water witch-to be made a full icarus ( a creature that sucks out souls). However, Aeriel finds that she loves the Darkangel-because he is beautiful....and quests to save the small good in his soul.

I found the Darkangel to be a very interesting book. Great descriptions and believable characters. Some of the creatures are reminiscent of Narnia and Harry Potter. All in all: I give it four thumbs up!
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