Saturday, June 9, 2007

ACTing Tough

So I took the ACT this morning.
Uh.....that sounds way too casual.
So I took this test that was kinda-sorta-like the SAT just much different (and much shorter!) that I didn't even know I was taking until last night (freak accident...or not? Dun dun dun......)
Anyway-don't sweat it if you have an ACT test coming up, cause have I got a treat for you!


Okay, so make sure you get plenty of sleep, food, and relaxation (as before with the SAT) Also, be sure to check your admission ticket beforehand and make sure they got your name and test center right....etc. The ACT DOES take standbys, but only if there's room. Also-make sure you have a graphing calculator. I can't say anything too specific,'ll need it. Trust me. (Although they say you don't need a calculator to solve the math problems-ya do, and a graphing calculator helps a lot-mine was stolen the week before, so I was sorely missing it this morning). Anyway-about the ACT. It was a lot shorter than the SAT (SAT: 7:00am-1:50pm ACT: 8:oo am-12:oo noon). And the breaks were longer (10 minutes each). The ACT has pretty much the same layout of the SAT, and some similar questions as well. But I thought I did better on the ACT, because it tests over what you've learned in high school, not just your innate knowledge (such as the SAT strives to do). Plus the ACT has a science section (unlike the SAT which is only math and english, math and english, math, english, math, english, math, a broken record with an essay thrown in). The Science section is really easy-if you can interpret charts pretty well (I didn't actually know anything the science section was testing over, but I could figure out the charts), because that's all that's to it. All in all, I thought the ACT was a much more relaxed experience. Whereas the SAT was terrible.

Oh, speaking of the SAT-I recieved my scores. 1480!!!!!! Okay okay, I know it's not that grand of score (570-reading,400-math,510-writing/grammar, and an 8 on the essay), but it's actually really good news.

Though it isn't what I'd hoped for, when I recieved my score in the mail today-it said that most people with my exact scoring had an 80-something percent chance of scoring much higher on the second time aroud.

Plus, even if I do horribly on the second one.... the college will look at the highest score and see that clearly my strengths are in English and writing (which will give me more of a personality to the admissions office). Plus I'm really please at the outcome of the essay. I think that the highest score you can get is a 1o. So an 8 is pretty good. I'm really surprised, though-because I thought my essay was horrid after I wrote.

Anyway-a 1480 beats a 1340 anyday.



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