Sunday, May 6, 2007

SAT Madness

Sorry that I haven't written in awhile. I've been a bit MIA lately, due to studying for the one, the only, SAT. It's every little girl's dream to grow up one day and take a test that makes your brain hurt so bad no amount of Advil will work.....Ha ha. A little sarcastic, I know. But I'm just really excited to see my scores. I put a lot of work into it-not as much as I wanted, but was only the first time. And it was so much better than the PSAT!!!
The key to the SAT is.......sleep. That's right people, sleep. If you're studying for the SAT and just on the verge of going crazy and inventing freaky people in your mind that come to your door and say "You stole my story," in a really weird southern accent, then close the books and prepare to enter the REM state. Because trust me, you'll need it.
Plus-don't stress about how your going to make it on time, where the room'll be...etc. Just a really big breakfast and watch cartoons that have absolutely nothing to do with education or college or your future. And yes, I'm listing all the things I didn't do, but needed to do.
If I had done them, I would have written a much more interesting, on-topic essay than I did.
And I felt like kicking myself after I left the room because now, coherent and un-stressed, I had thought of a better essay than I did at the very beginning.
But hey, now I know what to do next time around.
The SAT really does test your intelligence, but you have to be intelligent enough to give your body the basic needs: sleep, food, and activities that make you un-stress.

Now.....for the ACT; wait that's coming up in two weeks!!!!!!! MUUUUSSSSTTTT SSSTTUUUDDYYY..............
"You stole my story"
No no! It's all coming back again!

And that's a wrap, people.


Erin said...

Will you do the April top 5? Or are you too busy studying. ;)

simaholic said...

i hope you can do a top 5 ;)

Erin said...

LOVE the custom header. Very you. :)

BTW, I've tagged you.