Sunday, April 1, 2007

Romeo and Juliet Covers

Yay! I'm back from the dangerous in-the-pouring rain trip to Austin where I had to take a very lame Lit Crit test (which the first question of the test was: which of the following authors didn't die in 1997-I went with Upton Sinclaire but I'm still not sure).
Anyway-here are some of the covers I made for Romeo and Juliet.

The mandatory flower cover:
This one kind of bores me. I won't even lie. Though I do love the rose I used in the picture.
The mask and Manequin cover:
I really like this one-but it's not my favorite

The dead teenager cover:

I really like the old film grain look and the medieval font. This one was the easiest to make by far.

The fork in the heart shaped desert cover:
My favorite one so far. It may be a little out there, but I love it.
It was also the hardest one to make in Photoshop CS.


Erin said...

I haven't read Romeo and Juliet, so I'm no judge, but I think ALL of them are FAB! I would pick up any one of them.

Erin said...

P.S. Your covers are so innovative. You really ought to get a job designing them for books! :)

Sookie said...

Thank you, Erin!
That's really what I want to do!

Polka Dotted Pickles said...

Fun stuff!

Farm Girl said...

The mask is absolutely beautiful, but it really reminds me of Vanity Fair (I've not read the book, yet, but the movie with Reese Witherspoon in it is great!). The dead teenager fits quite well, but I don't like dead people. . . The fork and heart would be my choice. There is just something special about it, especially when you realize that Juliet was supposedly 13. . . And of course, the rose is gorgeous. You have some really good ideas. :-)

Erin said...

That last cover is just so so YUMMY looking!

Sookie said...

Farm Girl: I've read both the book and the movie for Vanity Fair. I hated the book-loved the movie!
Erin: I think it looks yummy too...I was hungry when I picked the photo out!

jocelyn said...

Oh, wow, those are all gorgeous! I couldn't say which I like best because they are all amazing. You would be awesome at designing book covers.

Cassie said...

Hey, Miss Erin and me were talking covers and she pointed these out to me, so I thought I'd come and belatedly comment ^_^.

Since you say your interested in actually doing this for a living, heres some critique.

First off, I like the top one best. It has a simple beauty that fits with the books, at least in my mind.

Heres what you need to keep in mind with all the covers - The titles and authors name need to be more prominent. Especially when redesigning a classic book, the author needs to be very visual. You're selling the book as much on the fact that its Shakespeare as the fact that it is Romeo and Juliet. Always keep marketing in mind when playing with covers - what will sell this book? Becuase covers are a very important marketing tool.

Of course, this is all advice if you want try to get a job in the field. The rules are differnt when just playing around ^_^ And playing around is lots of fun.

Heres a challenge - Take a favorite book, and redesign the cover as if it was in differnt genres. Romeo and Juliet the mystery, fantasy, sci-fi, chick-lit, political thriller... think about what elements would convey those genres to the viewer.

Oh, and another thing to keep in mind, is what will the book look like from across the room or across an aisle?

Hope my advice was useful and your covers are a lot of fun ^_^

Anonymous said...

they are so cool!!!