Thursday, March 29, 2007

Just Another Meme

This was taken from Meme Girls- a blog that comes up with very interesting memes
(thank you Erin for putting this link on your blog!)

1.) Who are you?
Sookie the webmistress/blogstress/writer/super girl wannabe
2.) Where are you?
San Antonio, Texas, currently lounging in my cat's room (where the computer resides)
3.) Where would you rather be?
A few places: The Bahamas, California, wherever Josh Groban is about to preform
4.) If your refrigerator was magic in two ways: 1. It could stock any food in the world and 2. It granted you calorie immunity for one meal, what would you eat for lunch?
I'd eat sweet potato french fries and a giant caesar salad from La Madelines, plus Andes mints. Lots and lots of Andes mints. Oh! And banana pudding,too
5.) What's the strangest insult you have ever received?
a foreign exchange student told me I couldn't drive very well, and when I said that I'd never had an accident, he said that good drivers have accidents. And when I told him that if that was the case, then I didn't want to be a good driver...he said I used the breaks too much....and then I ignored him from then on out.
6.) If someone gave you a taste of your own medicine, what would that medicine taste like?
It would probably taste bitter and negative-because I can sometimes be pessimestic (however that one's spelled) and negative.
7.) Based on your past luck, if you found a wallet, what would be inside of it?
nothing, absolutely nothing; except maybe a cheesey love note to a girl named Carla
8.) If you picked up a novel and could tell from the back cover that either A. someone dies or things end up really badly and B. both main characters have the same names as you and your significant other, would you read this book?
Yes I probably would......but I'd have to fight off temptation not to skip to the end and skim over long paragraphs
9.) Which common expression baffles you and why?
"Like, yeah" or whenever people say like but aren't using it as a verb or a simile; it makes them sound grammatically retarted-and who'd want to be that? Like, so totally duh! [ ;) ]
10.) What is a Halloween costume you would wear if people would just 'get it'?
I don't really understand this question, but I guess I'd have to pick....a giant marshmallow; all's well for those fluffy white litte things-no homework, no pop quizzes, no weird phone calls
11.) What are three things you have never done that always surprise people?
I have never downloaded songs from the internet into my computer
I have never been kissed
I have never had only one best friend-always two or more.
12.) What is a word that you can't stand based on the way it sounds?
I love almost every word-but there is a word that I absolutely hate and that is the Spanish word for I drink: bebo; I just hate the sound of the word and I don't know why!
13.) Would you rather: be a spy or a vampire slayer?
A spy-that would be very interesting. Working cloak-and-dagger as a field agent.
I can just see it now-s double-o-k-i-e friend, or foe?


Jennifer Lynn Barnes said...

So glad you enjoy the Meme Girls site! If you ever get the urge to write a meme of your own, we take submissions. :)

-Jen (one of the Meme Girls)

Sookie said...

I love the Meme girls site!!!! I wish I'd found it sooner!