Thursday, March 8, 2007


So far I've been doing this for writing practice-pretending I'm the character and writing their diary account of whatever happens to them. It's much, much harder to write from a diary perspective. For starters, the description has to be in you're characters exact words. Not in your own-something which third person allows. Also-it's much harder to get it all into diary form-because the setting of each entry has to make sense. For example-you can't write in your diary while you're recieving you're first kiss. You experience it and THEN write it down whenever you have downtime-therefore the exact memory and things like that are different from when you're viewing them immediately. Get what I'm saying? So I figure that writing so much in dairy form will help me when I'm writing a story from close 3rd person.
Anyway-I'll try to post some of my latest project, which is, in fact, the diary of a girl who has a VERY strange life ahead of her.
Luckily-I see it coming and she doesn't!


Erin said...

Is this the same girl whose house burnt down or whatever..?

Sookie said...

No, this is something different. This is a story I've been working on for awhile now but haven't posted anything up yet. Though I hope I'll get the time to soon.