Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Trip To Bountiful

Okay-before I begin, let me just say a quick thank you for all my valentines from valentr!
I loved all my valentines!

Okay, back to business. So today, after having been absent for two days from school because of a sinus infection (or something close to it) I had Drama practice (cross those fingers, knock on wood, and pray devoutly! I've been chosen to compete at the state competition in Austin, Texas). My drama coach also happens to be my English teacher, and well, God bless her, I don't think she means to do this-but she has the habbit of foisting things on people at the very worst moment. All of a sudden she was talking about how my friend Audrey couldn't do this because it interferred with the schedule of her main Drama event. Okay, so it was partially my fault because I wasn't really listening, instead I was fascinated by the comics a friend of mine drew making fun of the Nancy Drew illustrations (and let me tell you, they were really funny; I mean Olympic Gold Medalist hilarious), and all of a sudden, before I even knew what was happening, I was signed up for a book critiquing competition. BOOK CRITIQUING COMPETITION!!!! At STATE level!!!!!
Wow. Wow. And more Wow.
Sorry, just had to type that again.
And also, she really wasn't specific on all that it entailed. So I have no idea what I'm doing. Furthermore, I'm convinced that she has no idea, either.
If that wasn't bad enough, just look at the title I'll be reading: The Trip To Bountiful. THE TRIP TO BOUNTIFUL!!!! What kind of title is that?
And, okay-it's not actually a book, it's a play. Which makes it worse. Anyone heard of Horton Foote? The author of The Trip To Bountiful, as well as these.....shall we say interesting titles?
Vernon Early
Taking Pictures
Blind Date
So yes, I have a LOT on my poor, little side dish-sized plate right now.


Erin said...

Yikes! Sounds kinda cool, though. Keep us updated. :)

Polka Dotted Pickles said...

Just do your best and keep on keeping on. You will be happy with the results when you reach the end.

Anonymous said...

Get over yourself! Horton Foote is 90 years old and still writing plays! THE TRIP TO BOUNTIFUL is a wonderful play with powerful characters. Perhaps at your young age you cannot appreciate being an old woman who has lost her home and most of her family and her friends -- give the play a try; you might learn a thing or two about human emotions and family ties. Please don't dismiss the play before you have read it. I promise you it is worth the read.

Sookie said...

Okay-I will.
I did not know what the play was about or who Horton Foote was when I wrote this. I found out only a minute or so after I wrote this post that he won the Pulitzer Prize for one of his plays-Oops!