Sunday, February 25, 2007


Character you'd most like to have over for tea?

Ha, I think I'd like to have tea with Queen Katherine of England(first wife of Henry the 8th) I think she'd be a blast to have tea with...mostly because she made an awesome queen, but also because we're both fluent in Castillian Spanish.

Character you'd most like to have as a sibling?

I'd like to have any of the Cullen kids as siblings, particularly Alice because then she could tell me what's in the future.....or maybe Jasper because of his awesome gift.

Character you'd most like to be friends with?

I would love to be best friends with Ella from Ella Enchanted. Her defiance to her situation inspires me....Also, her ability to make light of any situation. I need to do that more often.

Character you'd most like to have as a cousin?

As a cousin....hmmm. I'd like it if Lupin were my cousin (from Harry Potter). We could talk about the good ol' howlin' days. Plus I've always wondered what it would be like to have a werewolf at family gatherings.

Character you'd most like to have an adventure with?

There are lots of these. But the one that sticks out in my mind is Edward Cullen. I'm absolutely in love with him and would love to just run off with him somewhere.

Favorite quirky character?

There are two: Jess from the 1-800-Where R U? series by Meg Cabot that I'm currently reading. She can be downright hilarious. And second: Hagrid from Harry Potter. His love for dangerous creatures makes him very unique, but also that he's a gentle giant with a great big heart!

Favorite love to hate character?

There can be no love to hate character created better than Esme Squaler from A Series of Unfortunate Events. She's fashionable in a strange way, wanting to always be "in" which sometimes causes her to wear hilarious outfits and drink bogus things sch as Parsely Soda. She's the villain and the comedic relief all rolled in to one. And I would "kill" to be able to wear her "stilettos" (ha!).

I tag: anyone who wants to do this.


Polka Dotted Pickles said...

Oh, this is a good one!

Erin said...

Ella would be a delightful girl to know. :D And I totally agree with Esme: 'I would "kill" to be able to wear her "stilettos".' ha!