Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Yet Again with a Tag

All About Me: A Tag

Okay, sorry again about this tag, but I was tagged by Bella (Kitchen-Buddy) and I felt obligated to do it.

Future Job: Writer

Wants to Go To: Yale University, or possibly Shriner University

Extra Curriculars: School Newspaper, TAPPS Drama Club, Prom Committee

Current Occupation: Webmistress, Blogstress, and student

. . .favorites

Colors: orange, green, red, blue, gold, silver

Subjects: English, Art, and Sociology

Food: Italian, French, Sorbet, Sweets, chocolate, anything yummy


Time of Day: Night

. . . least favorites

Colors: hot pink, electric green

Subjects: Physics, Math, Ethics (everyone should know by my long amounts of grumbling that I have a problem with the ethics teacher)

Foods: anything bitter, most mexican food

Season: Summer

Time of Day: Early Morning

. . . currently

reading: The Savage Damsel and the Dwarf by Gerald Morris, Safe House by Meg Cabot

in DVD player: Gilmore Girls-the sixth season

goal: write a novel, write a good short story, design more clothes, learn how to sew better

playing: We Are The Gothic Archies (by the Gothic Archies)

talking to: no one at the moment

drinking: Starbucks Caramel Frappacino (probably spelled wrong) with extra whip cream and two shots of hot caramel sauce....mmm.....

Okay, so-since there's been lots of tags circulating I won't TAG anyone else. But if someone wishes to do it, well-by all means they can. I'm not the TAG monster.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the Savage Damsel and the Dwarf. And I *lurv* the Gothic Archies! (Although I've only heard three of their songs...)

Sookie said...

My three fave songs from the Gothic Archies have to be "When You Play the
Violin", "Shipwrecked", and "Walking my Gargoyle,". But I also love "Things Are Not What They Appear", though it's a bit creepy.