Wednesday, January 3, 2007


Sookie’s TAG

Yay! My second ever TAG

Which would you rather have/be (if you want to-you can state your reasons)…..

A hamburger or a hotdog?

A kiss underneath the stars on a clear night, or in the rain?

A snowy morning or a warm afternoon?

Hot chocolate or coffee?

A text message or a phone call?

A limo or a Volkswagen Bug?

A long island ice tea, or a martini (note-you do not have to have drunk alcohol to answer this question-you can answer it based on which one sounds/looks better)

A book or a movie?

Tea or a soda?

(have as a friend) An axe murderer or a clown?

A peaceful lake or a restless ocean?

A singular best friend or many acquaintances?

(be) a person who flips hamburgers for McDonalds or a stuntman?

A dog or a cat?
And finally-

A TAG or a survey?

This was a very, very short tag-but I hope people who read it feel compelled to do it.
However-I feel compelled to tag
Pickles , and Erin


Anonymous said...

Will do!

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