Thursday, January 25, 2007

Strange, strange day

To show you how truly bazar this day has been, I'll write my take on what happened just before school left (I was asked out by a nice, admiring, but otherwise truly clueless guy).

I walk out to the parking lot, looking for my keys. It's a hot day with a cool breeze. I'm completely bathed in sun (and can barely see) by the time D* comes up to me.
He blocks me from the view of my car and that means we're out in the middle of the main parking lot vein where it's most dangerous to stand at around 3 pm.
Before I can even say hi he asks:
"Hey, Sookie, I know this is really random but....."
(Long pause)
"Yeah?" (I ask-so innocently, not ready at all for what's coming)
"But would you like to go at dinner....or something?"
(Lots and Lots of long pauses)
And here's my swashbuckling, intelectually stimulating answer:
"Um..............Yeah, maybe, uh.......sure?"
(Isn't my use of extraordinary vocabulary stunning? I really will prove to be the most verbose person to ever walk this earth)
Then another awkward pause goes by (these pauses are really aweful: you could crochet a dozen blankets for the needy, visit Calcutta, film a movie, drop off the sweaters at the local shelter, and
take your dog on that really long walk you've been promising inside these pauses.
Then he proceeded to give me his phone number.
After "8-7-2" I gave up trying to follow his voice and just punched in random numbers on my cell phone.
Then we both left. I don't think either of us said goodbye.
The thing is: I don't really like D. He's very nice-knows a lot about history. And he isn't atrocious looking. But I still don't like him that way.
And the saddest thing is-I don't think he even likes me. I'm pretty sure he was just asking me out because he doesn't want it to be too obvious that he likes my friend, who is already taken (and I mean REALLY taken).
He might not even be aware of the fact that he likes her-I don't know.
But anyway-some thoughts?
I could use some advice.


Polka Dotted Pickles said...

Okay, I identify with your situation. This coming from the girl that says "Why would you want my number?" when a guys asks. :) Ooops!
I would say that next time you should say you are flattered by being asked out, but....whatever your "exscuse" is. You don't want to date at this time, you're taken, etc. Just be nice to the guy next time you see him. :) That is a big help!

Farm Girl said...

Um, well, if you want advice from a girl that has never been asked out, I would agree with Pickle. (The creep at a parade who wanted to take me to the beer tent, doesn't count as being asked out.) Anyway you already said that you and he don't "like" each other.

Just my two cents.