Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Resolutions and the Best&Worst of '06

Resolutions for 2007:

  • Write more
  • sleep less
  • actually finish a novel
  • do homework more often
  • drink soda less
  • eat less junk
  • Spend more time with friends
  • Pass the 11th grade (hopefully this shouldn't be hard)
  • Find a good job
  • Visit colleges more
  • Narrow down list of colleges that I want to apply to
  • Read More
  • Visit Washington DC
  • Work harder

As for the Best of 2006:

  • Wrote an almost finished novel (BLUE) that shouldn't see the light of day-but was great fun to write
  • Got to become reporter for School's newspaper
  • Wrote the first poem I ever considered to be "okay"
  • J went to college-therefore I never have to painfully communicate with said person again
  • got my licence
  • turned 18
  • Got a job (albeit not a good one-still: it's a job all the same)
  • Started this BLOG
  • Met some crazy (though fun) blog friends
  • Actually joined a Church

As for the Worst of 2006:

  • computer broke down
  • lost a lot of friends
  • switched schools at a tough time
  • made a C in History (the class I've never made a C in)

All in all-I think 2006 was a pretty good year.


Anonymous said...

I need to finish a novel. NEED to.

Hey, who are you callin' crazy? Huh? HUH? :o)

Sookie said...

He he he!!!
In my mind-crazy is a compliment!

Anonymous said...

Heheh ;)