Sunday, January 7, 2007


Miss Erin has tagged me with my own tag!!!!!
okay, here goes:

Which would you rather have/be (if you want to-you can state your reasons)

A hamburger or a hotdog?
Neither. A Cheeseburger-well I guess that's along the lines of a hamburger, but still.
A kiss underneath the stars on a clear night, or in the rain?
A kiss underneath the stars....Strangers in the Night.....
A snowy morning or a warm afternoon?
Even though I'd love to see snow for more than a three minute period, I'd still take the warm afternoon. I'm from Texas Y'all.
Hot chocolate or coffee?
Coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Though I can make excellant hot chocolate.
A text message or a phone call?
A phone call-I hate text messaging. I'm a fast typer on computer/typewriter, but not on cell phone.
A limo or a Volkswagen Bug?
Neither. A Jaguar Coupe is my meow.
A long island ice tea, or a martini (note-you do not have to have drunk alcohol to answer this question-you can answer it based on which one sounds/looks better)?
A martini-only because I've heard from a reliable source that long island ice tea IS NOT YOUR FRIEND on account of its alcohol level. Though I've never drunk either. The one time I have tried alcohol it was at a wedding (champagne) and I got really sick. The doctor said I have some sort of allergy to it.
A book or a movie?
So hard! Because sometimes-to get the full experience of the book-you have to see the movie. And sometimes-movies just suck. I guess I'll take a book.
Tea or a soda?
Tea-as long as its flavored and thoroughly sweetened.
(have as a friend) An axe murderer or a clown?
I'll take the clown!
A peaceful lake or a restless ocean?
The ocean.
A singular best friend or many acquaintances?
Neither. A small group of tight-knit friends.
(be) a person who flips hamburgers for McDonalds or a stuntman?
Ugg-I hate McDonalds. I'll take the stuntman position.
A dog or a cat?
I love dogs. And I love cats. But I think I'll take a chesnut colored horse above all (like in A Blood Red Horse)
And finally-A TAG or a survey?
A Tag-they're so much fun!!
A world without words or a world without color?
How am I supposed to choose????? I need words-so that I can write. But I need color to brighten me up!!!! I guess color has to go.....Sorry. Just can't live without my words.
An empty amusement park or an empty shopping mall?
An empty amusement park-large indoor places with absolutely no one (or nothing) in them creep me out.
The mannerisms of an insufferable opera diva or the mind of a mad scientist?
The mind of a mad scientist. I confess-I can't stand insufferable divas.
No memory of history or no memory of yesterday?
No memory of history-though it's basically the same thing. I'd HAVE to at least remember yesterday for school. I do NOT want to end up like Lucy in A Thousand First Dates.
(questions in blue complimentof Nancy )

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I like your choice of animal. :)