Friday, January 5, 2007

Bonjour la France!

A Journey to France by way of Photographs

To encourage myself to be more interested in France (since I will be going there...maybe), I've decided to post a "photograph tour" of what I imagine France to be like. Not that I'm an expert or anything. Roll your mouse over them to see some *Cough* wonderful *cough cough* French of mine. Enjoy your trip!

Phase One: Paris

Soyez bienvenus à l'Aéroport

(Welcome to the Airport)

You've arrived at Paris at last(after hours and hours of sitting on an airplane reading Marie Antoinette:The Journey)-the first thing you see, of course, is the airport. There are so many fabulous-looking people from foreign places (maybe one of them will be me!)

Then-after the airport, and sleeping in your luxurious hotel room for five hours-it's Paris time.

You spend several hours getting lost in the streets, seeing all of the fantastic places you've only dreamt and watched travel videos about. One of those places is the classic Eiffel Tower. You stand and stare in awe, and take a black and white snapshot with the camera you were given for graduation.

La Tour de Classique Eiffel

Oh ma bonté! Notre Dam!
After the Eiffel Tower it's the grand Notre Dam.
You take another photo-but this one in color with your cheap funsaver camera that you bought at your local grocery store (it shouts-you are such an american tourist!) to catch the beautiful arches, colors, and various three-dimensional hues found in the cathedral's structure.

Apprenez à parler le français!

Je regrette que je ne puisse pas aller ici

Paris is a spectacular city with so many sights to see, places to go, people to visit-that you wish you could stay forever. Sadly-this is not part of the tour. It's hard to say goodbye to the city you will remember always. But you paid for a full tour of France-why not get your money's worth? Regrettably-you pack your suitcases with new clothes, photograpghs, and souvenirs.

Phase Two: Countryside
Soyez bienvenus à la campagne française
(welcme to the French Countryside)

Quel beau village
The French Countryside is lush and beautiful. You spend hours hiking, going to the beach, trying to talk to the locals, and taking as many pictures as humanly possible. Unfortunately-on the trip home-your funsaver camera will accidentally be boiled in chocolate fondue (you try to say "thank you very much, I loved the fondue" to your waitor but in his dialect it means something insulting so he snatches your camera and gives it to the cook) and leaves you only a few colored pictures-and only one of the French Countryside.
Ah! but you have had such great memories-shopping, gabbing, eating, and having fun, experiencing the culture. These are the few surviving photos you have.

Les Misérables-quel un magnifique livre!(by Corey Amaro/Tongue in Cheek)

Antique shoes at an antique's store that you found.
They remind you of Vincent Van Gogh's painting of tiny old shoes (which happened to be the Barnes and Noble cover of the newest edition of Les Miserables by Victor Hugo.

(Picture Credits:Corey Amaro/Tounge in Cheek )

Old French books (your absolute favorite) that you love but still don't plan to attempt to read anytime soon.

(Photo Credits: Corey Amaro/Tounge in Cheek)

Oh! L’amour(Corey Amaro/Tongue in Cheek)
Don't Forget the food!!!!!

Your dining experience was the best, and possibly most fattening, that you'd had in your life.
Vivat Chocolat!

Phase Three: Back at America

Soyez bienvenus à l'Amérique!

(Welcome to America)

You put all your wonderous and superlative souvenirs, photos, postcards, love letters from French men you met, and other memoribilia in a photo box labeled "FRANCE", and put it on your dorm's book shelf.

(Photo Credits: Corey Amaro/Tounge in Cheek)

Au revoir, la France. Je vous manquerai quotidien.(by Corey Amaro)

La Fin

(The End)

Photo Credits: Getty Images, Corey Amaro/Tounge in Cheek , and Ganoches


Anonymous said...

You get to go to France?! I'm jealous. :P

Very nice tour. :)

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Thank you! Merci!

When you come to France, I hope we can meet.

Sookie said...

I might get to go to France this summer, if all goes well.