Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Three Days In a Nutshell

Okay, here's just a little portion of what's been happening to me and why I haven't posted in three days (when I normally would).

Monday: Woke up, brushed teeth, hurriedly ate breakfast, drove to school, had a locker problem and went whole day without books; found out I had a 700+ word essay to write in English; got grass all stuck to my pants and and jacket because had picnic with friends on football field (and they had absolutely no grass stuck to them-I'm loved by Grass!!! Ack! And I hate it), drove home exhausted and bored, but okay, went to see The Nativity Story (which was awesome, by the way), and fell in bed after reading the Bible and journaling about the movie.

Tuesday: Got up didn't wake up (because I got literally NO sleep), brushed teeth, ran out of the house with out breakfast, drove to school and nearly got hit by another car, had to circle school parking lot twice to find horrid parking spot where two other cars were totally encroaching upon the tiny space, didn't bother with trying to open locker, was late to English, wrote about 200 words and then trashed them, found out that I was having a Physics Test and Algebra II test the next day, was bothered by this weird random (nonetheless popular) guy who kept informing me I was his girlfriend and that I had to marry him and how I'd miss him next year...etc.; finally managed to open locker and get books, had to take an Ethics test that was compltely pointless (if I haven't brought this up in my blog-I should, my Ethics class is awful-it's supposed to be Christian Ethics but the teacher waters it down so much that it's hardly anything at all), didn't have a picnic but had to sit in the smelly cafeteria, got harrased and nearly raped (I'm NOT joking) by the same guy and two of his friends who informed me beforehand that this school was a "Jesus" school, miraculously was saved by art teacher who I never like before but now have a new respect for her, drove home and nearly got into three car accidents, didn't even reach home before crying and feeling like I had to take five showers to get all of the awfulness off me, realized that I had made huge mistake in switching schools, cried until after hour long shower.

Today: Woke up, went to school, typed 580 words and realized I have a purpose in the world, realized that Ethics teacher had to water down class so much because of how whiny and ungrateful the students are, thanked her for making a review of the final even though she didn't have to, got grass on butt but managed to laugh about it with friends. Somehow avoide popular guy and his friends (or left me alone), got to sun bathe with a Swedish friend in psychology class who didn't want me to leave the school before next year (this is encouraging), had new ideas for novel, managed to drive home safely.

-The End.


Anonymous said...

Hey, wow, sounds like a crazy couple of days. You told someone about what happened, right? Don't let it pass! :) Hope life gets a little better. Break is coming up, right?

Sookie said...

Yeah, it is. After finals, of course.

Veronica said...

Wow you have been really busy! At least you get a break soon. And a new idea for a novel?? Thats so cool! You will have to post it! Speaking of novels, i finally posted all of Chapter 1 on my site! It was more of a introduction to the book so im glad its over. Its the only chapter of my book that i dont really like at all! But i kinda need it. You know what i mean? Well i hope you like chapter 1!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds hectic. Hope the next few days are quieter!

Sookie said...

Thanks everyone :)

Veronica, I will read and review as soon as I can. But it sounds exciting!