Friday, December 1, 2006

Old Notebooks

Aren't old notebooks/journals amazing? When you re-read them, you find out more about yourself.
Since I'm currently trying to clean out my room (for book space, Miss Erin and I seem to have the same problem), I had to go through "the stacks" (aka a big pile of journals that have accumulated through the years), and I found my old poetry notebook!
If you're interested to see what the progression of my poetry-writing skills is like, please go
here to see Poetry Through the Years. Also, if you missed my new poem, Snowflake, that I posted here a few days ago, you should check it out.


Erin said...

I love going through my old notebooks. It surprises me, sometimes, what I find in them. I have so many millions of story beginnings, and I love to re-read them all. Or sometimes I'll find a poem I didn't remember writing. Lots of doodles, always. :-)

Anonymous said...

Whoa...I just went through my old notebooks too. I realized what a weirdo I was. And maybe am. :)

Anonymous said...

Hehe. Yeah I was just doing that about a week ago. Isnt it amazing what you find? Oh and by the way this is the owner of The Silver Stone. Also I would much appreciate it if you went to my site and read my new updates and the two short stories I posted. I really like comments so PLEASE leave some. Also I think you might be happy to know that I have posted the next part of my book. Enjoy and PLEASE comment.

Sookie said...

I read your newest addition to the novel, and have commented on both portions. But they some how show up as not being there-even though they are.