Friday, December 29, 2006

Erec Rex

Erec Rex : The Dragon's Eye

A Review
Memorable Quotes:

"It was early, far too early to wake up in the summer, when Erec Ulysses Rex's alarm block went off. The thing paced on its tiny metal legs until it could not stand to wait anymore. Then it kicked a marble that hit Erec right in the cheek, just below his glass eye."

"Erec was tall and thin with dark hair that was straight in front and wildly curly in the back. His glass eye did not quite match the blue one. But Erec had another problem, far worse than his odd hair and eye. It was something he called 'cloudy thoughts'."

"'There is more to the earth, wind, and sea. Old magic remember me!'"

"'Where could we be going?' Bethany asked. "Around the world?'
'For thirty dollars?'"

I picked up Erec Rex for the first time at Barnes and Noble.
I could tell from the cover that it was fantasy-and I thought the boy on the cover looked a bit like Harry Potter-just without glasses and a cat-like eye.
Not to mention a crazy hair-do.
But nonetheless, I was intrigued. I bought it off of Amazon and read it in a week.
What surprised me was that it was very good-and not at all what I thought it was going to be.
And also what was strange-this book made me relax, even though I cared about its characters and their troubles.
Plus-there's a multitude of cool new things-a store called Vulcan (that sells magical, life-like household items), Inquizzles, and a whole new world right under Grand Central Station- to ponder.
The author, Kaza Kinsgley, also based many of the names and places after Greek and Latin Mythology.

All in all-I think this is definitely a book worth your time.
Especially if you're a fan of fantasy fiction with a little real-life twist.

Erec Rex is not your average twelve-year old kid. He only has one working eye (like me) and the other is glass. But he also is plagued with "cloudy thought"commands in his mind to do certain things (that he HAS to do), usually when someone was in danger. So far they've all been good commands....but what if one was bad?
Erec is surprised when he wakes up one morning and finds his adoptive mother has gone, leaving Erec and his siblings with a babysitter.
Erec has a cloudy thought to find his mother by a hot dog stand, so he is forced to go to Grand Central Station to see if his mother is there.
She's nowhere to be seen, but he finds help from a girl his age, Bethany, who thinks she's seen Erec's mother.
Together, they go to the Kingdoms of the Keepers, a world that has remembered magic whereas we forgot it. And they must enter in a contest to find the next three rulers of the kingdoms.
All the while Erec is searching for his mother....

(sorry that there's no picture of the cover-my computer won't let me post it, but perhaps soon i'll get it up.
For now go HERE for more info)


Anonymous said...

I just read this book as well! I thought it was lots of fun to read. I can see why some people would consider it a "take" on Harry Potter, but I was able to enjoy it for its own book.

And Sookie!!! Heroine of the week! How do you come up with these great ideas?!

Sookie said...

I have no idea where I get my ideas!!! They pop up around everywhere.
I think this one just originally came up because I wanted something to replace "the daily item" section.
And, yes Erec Rex and Harry Potter have some similarities. But I think both are pretty unique and different. The only reason why I thought it might be closer to Harry Potter was the boy on the cover.
They look somewhat alike.

Anonymous said...

I just read this quote from the book Clementine by Sara Pennypacker:

I am lucky that way: great ideas are always popping into my head without me having to think them up.


Sookie said...


Kaza Kingsley said...

Thanks Sookie!
I can't wait to hear what you think about book 2 in the series: The Monsters of Otherness!!
Email and tell me: