Sunday, December 31, 2006


Happy New Year everybody!!!!!

Top Secret Project-File Two

This is more from my top secret project. It's what happens right after what I posted last time.

Jazz was surprised it was still living.
The strange man and woman confronted Boris and Manuel.
“I ordered FRIED trout, and THIS is what I get!” The woman with the scratchy voice said.
Jazz noticed, almost all of a sudden, what she didn’t notice before. Both the woman and the man had strange eye-colors.
They were a murky pinkish color-though neither the man nor woman was albino.
Manuel put up his hands in surrender and looked back and forth at the couple and Uncle Boris, spatula still tightly grasped.
“You order fried fish. I cook it. I no serve live meat. Promise.”
Uncle Boris crossed his arms.
The scratchy-voiced woman smiled with her thin lips.
The man with the wheezing laugh spoke up in a surprisingly soprano voice for his size.
It was as high as a ten-year old girl’s voice and no less squeaky than a twelve year old boy’s.
“Well obviously something went wrong!” Uncle Boris’s bald head turned a vivid shade of red as it always did when he was upset about something.
He reminded Jazz of an ice cream Sunday with a giant cherry on top.
Manuel looked down at his spatula helplessly.
Jazz felt a pang of guilt. She couldn’t let him get fired. He had only started a couple of weeks ago. And like Jazz and her mom-she could tell he needed the money.
She said something she would instantly regret two second after it came out of her mouth, unbidden.
“I did it!”
“What?” The scratchy-voiced lady, high-voiced man, Manuel, and Uncle Boris asked all at once. Their voices clanging together like ill-matched symbols.
“What?” The lady asked again. “What did you say girl?”
“I.....I did it.....” Jazz vaguely mumbled something about a practical joke, much to her own horror.
Uncle Boris’s head looked much more like a beat now than a cherry.
Manuel looked confused. Jazz stared at her reflection on the shiny counter. Uncle Boris looked furious. The strange couple looked shocked.
Boris took a deep breath, almost like he was pretending to take a drag on one of his enormous cigars.
‘My office. NOW!” He bellowed.
Jazz followed Uncle Boris to his closet-office in the back.
“Seat.” Boris said, pointing to one of the plastic chairs crammed up against the wall.
It was as if he was so disgusted with her that he didn’t even want to waist a full sentence on her.
She took the chair that was farthest away from the desk. Which wasn’t very far at all, this being a closet-office.
“Explain.” He mumbled while lighting a cigar.
“Well....I....I um....”
“I was just a prank...I didn’t mean....”
Uncle Boris blew out a large puff of smoke.
“I did not hire you, niece, to play pranks on people. I hired you to work as a bus-boy. I should have known this would happen! After all, my sister is a flake. Why should I expect her offspring to be any different.....?”
He was talking to himself more than to Jazz.
She winced, not sure how to respond.
“I’m....sorry?” She hoped that was the right thing to say.
She was utterly and entirely wrong.
“Sorry doesn’t cut it kid. I had adults applying for your job just the other day, and I think that they would not play around.”
Jazz’s eyes darted around the room. These words didn’t bode well for her.
Uncle Boris laughed without smiling.
“Don’t ya understand, kid? It translates into ‘Sayonara, Bye-Bye, you’re fired. Case Closed. Out of my office. See you at Christmas.’”
Uncle Boris laughed his mirthless laugh again and shoved Jazz out of the office.
She should have been sad. She should have gone back and apologized profusely. She should have begged-gotten on her knees, told Boris how great of boss he was. Instead...she was enraged.
She stormed back to the coat closet, where her coat and guitar-shaped purse were waiting, stomping all the way.
Once she’d donned her coat and come to the front room, she ripped off her horrid nametag and threw it to the ground, where she stomped at it furiously.
“By the way,” she raged angrily at her former co-workers, “my name is Jasmine. Not Jazz! AND NOT KID!!!!!!!” She yelled especially loud for Uncle Boris, still in his office, to hear.
Her former co-workers looked at her in confusion and shock. She no doubt looked like an idiot. But nevertheless-she stomped on the dejected nametag once more before leaving and slamming the door shut.

Once she was out of The Porker, realization hit her like the cold, hard waves at New Harbor beach. She had been fired. She hadn’t even stayed around to get her last paycheck. And the electricity bill was due in a couple of days. She needed that job. And she was to blame for getting herself fired.
What would she tell her mom? When would she tell her mom?
Jazz knew she needed to find another job, pronto. But she didn’t feel like it at all.
She needed to think first. To calm down.
Sometimes-Jazz found herself taking refuge in the strangest places.
She should have gone straight to the apartment that she shared with Liz, her mom.
Instead-Jazz found herself walking to Middleton Park-which was actually the closest one to The Porker.
She quickly walked past storefronts and penthouse apartment buildings and five-star hotels that Jazz couldn’t even fathom herself affording.
She walked so quickly that she didn’t even realize she was being closely followed.
Jazz was really on a rage. Even when bewildered tourists, coming from The New Harbor Metropolitan Hotel/Museum, sidled up to her, large maps clutched in hands, frantically asking her for directions to the Docks, or to the Metro station, or to the hottest new club-The Green Lounge, she just pushed them out of the way without thinking.
Middleton Park was perhaps the only one Jazz appreciated. It was the maybe the smallest park in New Harbor. Perfect for ranting and raving.
Plus-it had this large circular fountain near the center where hundreds of pigeons resided.
Perfect for wallowing in self-pity and anger at certain bald men.
Jazz threw her guitar-shaped purse, a Christmas present from her mom, Liz, to the ground.
What am I going to do?
Jazz pondered this question for a very, very long time.
Most of the people in Middleton Park stared at her, balancing precariously on the edge of the pigeon fountain.
But she didn’t care.
What was I thinking, Jazz asked herself, when I said that I did it?
But she knew what she was thinking.
Manuel was going to get fired-and he’d looked miserable.
Maybe Uncle Boris wouldn’t have fired him. Maybe the only one he didn’t hesitate to fire was Jazz.
That made her angry.
She’d worked just as well as any of the other staff.
In fact-she was practically working the hours of a full-time job. Not just a summer job.
Oh well-none of it mattered anymore.
She was fired.
Two large, very fat, wet raindrops plopped on her head.
“Great. Just great.”
It was going to rain. Just what she needed.
As it always happens with unexpected rainstorms-everything was drenched in a matter of minutes.
Jazz knew she needed to go back to the apartment, or at least go inside.
But she couldn’t move.
Not that she really wanted to, either.
After Jazz watched everyone eventually vacate the park, she felt a cold hand on the back of her neck, and fell instantly asleep.
Jazz’s only thoughts before she fell completely unconscious was that she recognized the person behind her-just couldn’t put a name to their face.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Sookie's Recipe for ROCKIN' Hot Chocolate

(for New Years Eve)

What you'll need:
1 sauce pan
hot chocolate mugs
Milk (measure depends on how many mugs you'll be preparing)
Nestle Hot Chocolate Mix
Coffee or Vanilla Flavored Ice cream
sprinkles (preferably the small, sugary, crystaline kind as opposed to the larger, solid kind-because the sugary ones melt faster)
1 bag of small Jett Puff's Marshmallows in Plain White
1 bag of Hershey's semi-sweet dark chocolate kisses
Redi-Whip whipcream
Hershey's Chocolate Ice cream Topping

1. Pour milk into mugs (be as generous as you wish) and then pour the milk from the mugs into the sauce pan
2. Turn burner to 6,7, or medium, stir until steam has risen for thirty seconds or so, or until you deem it hot enough (I always like my hot chocolate scoulding hot)
3. Pour milk back into mugs
4. Add Nestle Hot Chocolate mix and stir until...MMMM...perfection
5. take a (normal) spoon and make three or so shavings of ice cream with the tip and add them on top
6. Put on marshmallows, sprinkles, whip-cream and other things to your taste
Tip:This is a perfect recipe if planning a slumber party-that way everyone can decorate their own
Optional ingrediant:
1/4 or so cup of hot coffee-made from Nestle Coffee bags

Whisperings of Water

I found this picture randomly in my picasa files while I was attempting to delete the mass of pictures not needed anymore. It reminded me of this quote from Shannon Hale's Book River Secrets.

The Water was smooth under them, Dasha was listening with that forgotten smile her lips always kept at the ready. She edged closer so she could place both her hands on his knees, her face open to him. Razo's heart stirred. He wanted to touch her again, but she wanted him to keep talking.
And that was all right for now.Telling his story felt like the next closest thing to giving her a kiss."

Shannon Hale, River Secrets
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Friday, December 29, 2006

Erec Rex

Erec Rex : The Dragon's Eye

A Review
Memorable Quotes:

"It was early, far too early to wake up in the summer, when Erec Ulysses Rex's alarm block went off. The thing paced on its tiny metal legs until it could not stand to wait anymore. Then it kicked a marble that hit Erec right in the cheek, just below his glass eye."

"Erec was tall and thin with dark hair that was straight in front and wildly curly in the back. His glass eye did not quite match the blue one. But Erec had another problem, far worse than his odd hair and eye. It was something he called 'cloudy thoughts'."

"'There is more to the earth, wind, and sea. Old magic remember me!'"

"'Where could we be going?' Bethany asked. "Around the world?'
'For thirty dollars?'"

I picked up Erec Rex for the first time at Barnes and Noble.
I could tell from the cover that it was fantasy-and I thought the boy on the cover looked a bit like Harry Potter-just without glasses and a cat-like eye.
Not to mention a crazy hair-do.
But nonetheless, I was intrigued. I bought it off of Amazon and read it in a week.
What surprised me was that it was very good-and not at all what I thought it was going to be.
And also what was strange-this book made me relax, even though I cared about its characters and their troubles.
Plus-there's a multitude of cool new things-a store called Vulcan (that sells magical, life-like household items), Inquizzles, and a whole new world right under Grand Central Station- to ponder.
The author, Kaza Kinsgley, also based many of the names and places after Greek and Latin Mythology.

All in all-I think this is definitely a book worth your time.
Especially if you're a fan of fantasy fiction with a little real-life twist.

Erec Rex is not your average twelve-year old kid. He only has one working eye (like me) and the other is glass. But he also is plagued with "cloudy thought"commands in his mind to do certain things (that he HAS to do), usually when someone was in danger. So far they've all been good commands....but what if one was bad?
Erec is surprised when he wakes up one morning and finds his adoptive mother has gone, leaving Erec and his siblings with a babysitter.
Erec has a cloudy thought to find his mother by a hot dog stand, so he is forced to go to Grand Central Station to see if his mother is there.
She's nowhere to be seen, but he finds help from a girl his age, Bethany, who thinks she's seen Erec's mother.
Together, they go to the Kingdoms of the Keepers, a world that has remembered magic whereas we forgot it. And they must enter in a contest to find the next three rulers of the kingdoms.
All the while Erec is searching for his mother....

(sorry that there's no picture of the cover-my computer won't let me post it, but perhaps soon i'll get it up.
For now go HERE for more info)

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Top Secret Exerpt

This is a bit of an exerpt from my latest endeaver, it's top-secret, though, so I won't give anything away.

Jazz stared dejectedly out the windows of her Uncle Boris’s restaurant, The Porker.
She was miserable for several reasons.
The first was her name.
Jasmine. That was her name-not Jazz. Jazz was the nickname her mother used and eventually everyone adopted.
When she was a kid she thought it was cool to be named after a genre of music.
Now that she’d just turned sixteen, she knew better. She asked everyone to call her Jasmine. To no avail.
When she was hired for the job at The Porker, she’d asked her uncle Boris to put JASMINE on her nametag, instead of JAZZ. Of course he didn’t honor her wishes. And on her snout-shaped, pink nostriled, nametag was the letters in bright kohl black “JAZZ”. Just over BUS-BOY.
This was another reason she was miserable.
It’s one thing to be a bus-boy. It’s another thing entirely to be a girl and have to be dubbed with the title-the bus-boy.
Even though she had applied for Hostess, her uncle Boris hired her as a bus-boy.
“Everyone starts at the bottom, here at The Porker.”
He said, just after taking a long drag on his huge cigar. Probably imported from Cuba.
Jazz had wanted to quit before she was even handed her hideous uniform decorated in pink pigs smoking cigars and reading newspapers.
But she needed the money-and so did her mom. A “tisk-tisk” noise coming from a rich-looking lady as she stamped her finely-shoed foot on the tiled floor of The Porker reminded Jazz again how much she hated this job.
“Can I get something for you, ma’am?” Jazz asked hesitantly, hoping she wouldn’t have to drag her uncle Boris out to the front.
“Yes,” the woman said in a strangely low, scratchy, bass voice. It sounded like she’d been smoking since she was two.
“I would like to speak with the manager about this.”
She pointed one of her extraordinarily long fingernails at a plate. Laying on top, still breathing, was a live trout squirming around on the plate, leaving a stain of wine colored, fishy-smelling, blood everywhere it flopped.
The sight made Jazz sick to her stomach.
“I....I’ll get ‘im, right away.”
Jazz put a hand over her quivering chin. She did not have a strong stomach.
“And what’s even worse...I’m a vegetarian!” The scratchy bass voice resounded again, and then laughed with a strange man, who Jazz supposed was her husband.
The man’s laugh was a sickly wheezing.
That’s weird, Jazz thought, it’s almost like they’re getting some strange enjoyment out of this.
She rushed back to Boris’s closet-sized office. He acted as owner, and manager. Much to Jazz’s displeasure.
Jazz could hear the tell-tale signs of Boris on the phone.
“No, Jack, ya idiot, NO! I told you not to....hold on. It’s my niece.”
Jazz opened the door a little ways and poked her head in.
“Whadda ya want?”
“Some customers want to talk to you.”
“They can wait-out!”
“You might.....”
“You might want to talk to them-they were served....”
“What? Spit it out.”
“They were served a live fish.”
“Gotta go, Jack, bye.” Boris said quickly into the phone-speaker.
“I’m right there.” He said to Jazz. “Come with me.”
Jazz followed Boris into the kitchens-which Jazz hated because they always smelled like grease, food, and there was a constant cloud of smelly steam.
“Manuel! You’d better get your Guatemalan butt out ‘ere and explain!”
The head chief walked away from the steaming ovens with a spatula in his hand.
“What I do?” Manuel was new. To the continent and to the restaurant. His English wasn’t perfect-but it was decent.
Boris motioned for Manuel to follow him. Even though he didn’t do the same for Jazz, she followed anyway.
This was going to be interesting....
Jazz and a few select Porker employees sat on top of the counter to get a better view of the horrendous thing.
Even though she’d only known him for a couple of weeks-since school let out and since she got a summer job-she still would feel bad if he got fired.
Manuel looked as if he were going to cry when he saw the very much alive, flopping fish on the plate.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

ACK!!!! Again

If you've noticed that lately, when you sign onto the internet, there seems to be a feeling of something missing-something quite not right, then I can explain.
I've been going for quite a few days without internet-and let me tell you-it felt as if I'm back in the Aztec times with Jaguar-Paw in Mel Gibson's Apocalypto (which was a very good movie, by the way).
So I never got to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, or update my item of the day, like I wanted to-but I suppose it will just have to come late.
Merry Christmas, and a happy New Year, everyone.
And hopefully-I'll be posting more.

Monday, December 18, 2006


First two finals down-three to go!
Today I took my English final, and physics final. English was okay. Physics was not. Oh well, I guess there's always clown college....

Sunday, December 17, 2006


More for myself than anyone else, I've decided to add a new addition to my sidebar (right underneath weekly quote) called "Daily item" where I'll post gifts I loved and have been given, or stuff that I think is cool. If you click on the picture of the daily item, it will lead you to a website where you can buy it.
Unless, however, you are broke.
Like I am.


I was not tagged, but I liked this one so I'll do it anyway.

A - Available/Single?
Available, most def.
B - Best Friend?
my best friend is Kat. But I have some foreign friends, e-mail buddies, and blog friends that I also like a lot.
C- Cake or Pie?
Mmm....hard one. I'm such a sweet tooth. But I think I'll go with cake. Since I had some today-for my birthday!
D - Drink Of Choice?
Tea (as long as it's flavored and unsweetened), Water, Dr. Pepper, Coffee (as long as it's from Starbucks or Moondollars and LOADED with sugar and calories).
E - Essential Item You Use Everyday?
My green ipod nano-it's so awesome!
F - Favorite Color?
Green, I think. But I also like dark blue, red, and gold.
G - Gummy Bears or Worms?
Gummy Bears-because they're sweet and I love the pineapple ones.
H - Hometown?
San Antonio, Texas
I - Indulgence?
Sweets, Chocolate, and Barnes and Noble books!
J - January or February?
February-because it contains Valentines day.
K - Kids
Maybe in the future-for now, they're just fun to play with.
L - Life Is Incomplete Without?
God, the Bible, pen&paper, my computer, telephone
M - Marriage Date?
Perhaps in the future
N- Number Of Siblings?
0, I'm an only child
O - Oranges or Apples?
Oranges-because they're sweeter and exotic
P - Phobias/Fears?
Lots: failure, heights, angry customers, spiders, wasps, bees
Q - Favorite Quote?
"Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same." -The Fray
R- Reason to Smile?
God loves me, Christmastime, turning eighteen
S - Season?
well it's suppose to be winter here in Texas, but it's now more like Spring
T – I Tag
U - Unknown Fact about Me?
I don't like jewelry all that much, though I buy it and recieve it alot
V - Vegetable you don't like?
W - Worst Habit?
becoming obsessed with the things I like and do
X - X-rays You've Had?
One-for a broken thumb, that's when the doctor found out that I was super double jointed in my fingers-because my finger joints are part cartilage
Y - Your Favorite Food?
Anything Sweet; Chinese food at Pei Wei, fried mushrooms, honey biscuits
Z - Zodiac Sign?
Aw heck-I know it. I'm not exactly PROUD of knowing it, but whatev. It's the archer-saggitarius. I'm not like what it says at all.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Kitchen-Buddy Launch

Yay!!! It's time to launch Kitchen-Buddy!
It's a graphics/webmaster & design service that is still forthcoming. The Site is in its very primitive stage, at this moment. But there's a great picture of my beloved cat, Stormy. And a few blog graphics, too (though they're not very good).
I'll also post a good amount of free things for bloggers or webmasters. Mostly graphics & buttons. Just be sure to click HERE to see the site.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Three Days In a Nutshell

Okay, here's just a little portion of what's been happening to me and why I haven't posted in three days (when I normally would).

Monday: Woke up, brushed teeth, hurriedly ate breakfast, drove to school, had a locker problem and went whole day without books; found out I had a 700+ word essay to write in English; got grass all stuck to my pants and and jacket because had picnic with friends on football field (and they had absolutely no grass stuck to them-I'm loved by Grass!!! Ack! And I hate it), drove home exhausted and bored, but okay, went to see The Nativity Story (which was awesome, by the way), and fell in bed after reading the Bible and journaling about the movie.

Tuesday: Got up didn't wake up (because I got literally NO sleep), brushed teeth, ran out of the house with out breakfast, drove to school and nearly got hit by another car, had to circle school parking lot twice to find horrid parking spot where two other cars were totally encroaching upon the tiny space, didn't bother with trying to open locker, was late to English, wrote about 200 words and then trashed them, found out that I was having a Physics Test and Algebra II test the next day, was bothered by this weird random (nonetheless popular) guy who kept informing me I was his girlfriend and that I had to marry him and how I'd miss him next year...etc.; finally managed to open locker and get books, had to take an Ethics test that was compltely pointless (if I haven't brought this up in my blog-I should, my Ethics class is awful-it's supposed to be Christian Ethics but the teacher waters it down so much that it's hardly anything at all), didn't have a picnic but had to sit in the smelly cafeteria, got harrased and nearly raped (I'm NOT joking) by the same guy and two of his friends who informed me beforehand that this school was a "Jesus" school, miraculously was saved by art teacher who I never like before but now have a new respect for her, drove home and nearly got into three car accidents, didn't even reach home before crying and feeling like I had to take five showers to get all of the awfulness off me, realized that I had made huge mistake in switching schools, cried until after hour long shower.

Today: Woke up, went to school, typed 580 words and realized I have a purpose in the world, realized that Ethics teacher had to water down class so much because of how whiny and ungrateful the students are, thanked her for making a review of the final even though she didn't have to, got grass on butt but managed to laugh about it with friends. Somehow avoide popular guy and his friends (or left me alone), got to sun bathe with a Swedish friend in psychology class who didn't want me to leave the school before next year (this is encouraging), had new ideas for novel, managed to drive home safely.

-The End.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Morbid Menus

These are what the menus at my birthday party are going to say (in a tie-in with A Series of Unfortunate Events-same as the invitations).

(Side One)
An Ersatz Menu
Esme Squalor (proud girlfriend of Count Olaf) presents “The IN Menu”

Le Menu
Catered by Café Salmonella, a very IN restaurant (located in the Fish District)

Today’s All IN Menu Will Include:


Water with frozen Salmon chunks (instead of ice cubes)

Parsley Soda (the most IN beverage)

Salmon Smoothie (made by hand!)


Chilled Salmon Salad
Creamy Salmon Soup
Salmon Ravioli
Salmon Puffs
Broiled Salmon


Salmon Pie
Salmon Ice Cream

(Side Two)


Food Found Mysteriously at Church’s Chicken & Rudy’s
Lemony Snicket Presents: The Macabre Menu
Ersatz Entrees

Badly Behaved Brisket
Terrifying Turkey
Petrified Pork Ribs
Austerely Assorted Chicken Pieces

Bothersome Beverages

Sad Sprite
Cankerous Coke
Dejected Dr. Pepper
Detestable Diet Coke

Bill Miller’s
Slippery Sweet & Unfortunately Un-sweet

Snicket Soda
Ferocious Floats
Horrifying Hot- Chocolate

Dismal Deserts

Carnivorous Cake (strawberry cake with chocolate icing)

Broadway Daily Bread’s
Lamentable Lemon Bars
Baleful Brownies
Ill-Fated Ice cream (Vociferous Vanilla & Chortling Chocolate)

Friday, December 8, 2006


It's snowing. Yes, snowing, here in San Antonio.
And I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Though, I must say, I hate driving in it. But still-it's snow. And it's a miracle!
I just hope it snows more and more and more until we're all covered.
Oh-I can't wait to make snow angels!
I've always felt deprived as a child because I could never make a snow angel. Or build a snowman.
I just hope the flakes stick and don't melt into rain.
Oh! And I can't wait to see snowflakes! Or stick my toungue out to catch snow and eat it!
I wonder what snow tastes like........
Anyway-off to go sit in front of a window and watch it snow like kids in the movies (except they all have this board look on their faces and I will be anything but bored).


Thursday, December 7, 2006

The New Website

Here is the new link of my new website.
I'll be adding it to my list of links too.
Sorry to say that the site is relatively primative at this stage. But I will update as soon as I can-I promise!!!

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

The Top Five

The Top Five Books of November
Explanation & Table of Contents
For those of you who don't know-I usually try to post a picture and a mini review for five of the books out of my monthly reading that I think best deserve recognition. In this case, I've never posted them this way until now. All you have to do to see the top five books is scroll down. It starts with honorable Mentions and then goes into the ThreeWinners.
Table of Contents

First Post: Honorable Mention #1

Second Post: Honorable Mention#2

Third Post: 3rd Place Winner

Fourth Post: 2nd Place Winner

Fifth Post: 1st Place Winner

Sixth Post: You've gone too far, but will see a fascinating (and very very long) response from me to another blogger's comments and questions (it was so long I should have made it a post).

The Top Five-Honoroble Mentions (Part One)

The Top Five Books Of November:Honorable Mentions (Part 1)
This book is an excellent read.

Monster Blood Tattoo, Book One: The Foundling, by D. M. Cornish

With well-sketched characters, an interesting story, and a unique fantasy world, this book deserved to be honored!

Just a side note: The title and cover art are terrifying, I know, but I promise this story is in no way "dark" or part of the Horror genre.

The Top Five-Honorable Mentions (Part 2)

The Top Five Books of November : Honorable Mentions-Part 2
This book definitely deserves An Honorable Mention!
Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Autobiography
Though it is more of a scrap-book than an actual book, The Unauthorized Biography is hilarious.
At first I had a hard time getting into it, but when I did it was well worth the time.
It is worth your time,too.

The Top Five-Winners (Part 1)

The Top Five Books for November: Winners-Part One
The Five People You Meet in Heaven, by Mitch Albom
The Five People You Meet in Heaven is an emotional, beautiful experience (more than a read-it's an experience).
I've reviewed this book so I won't go into details, but let's just say that EVERYONE should read this book.

The Top Five-Winners (Part 2)

The Top Five Books of November: Winners-Part 2
Second place was hard to choose, but I finally made a decision...
Once Upon A Curse (Book Three in the Frog Princess Series), E. D. Baker
I bought this book by accident because I thought it was the first in the series-only to discover it was #3.
Nevertheless-I read it. And loved it. Though I should have waited to read the (probably equally charming) prequels, I couldn't help but NOT put this book down.
Emma and her adventures are just another series that I cannot wait to complete.
For those of you who want to start at the beginning of the series-the first book is The Frog Princess.

The Top Five-Winners (Part 3)

And the Winner Is!!!!
Drumroll, please.....
The Austere Academy by Lemony Snicket
The Austere Academy is book Five in A Series of Unfortunate Events. And it has to be my favorite so far (I've only just finished book Seven-The Vile Village).
With pinching crabs, Vice Principle/Violinist Nero, the best (and worst) gym coach in the world, and two very kind triplets, you don't want to miss this crucial book in the series.
Or do (who wants to read about miserable orphans anyway?).

Friday, December 1, 2006

Old Notebooks

Aren't old notebooks/journals amazing? When you re-read them, you find out more about yourself.
Since I'm currently trying to clean out my room (for book space, Miss Erin and I seem to have the same problem), I had to go through "the stacks" (aka a big pile of journals that have accumulated through the years), and I found my old poetry notebook!
If you're interested to see what the progression of my poetry-writing skills is like, please go
here to see Poetry Through the Years. Also, if you missed my new poem, Snowflake, that I posted here a few days ago, you should check it out.