Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Writing Magic

Gail Carson Levine

"I write fiction for lots of reasons. One is power. I'm in charge when I write. So are you. You create the world of the story. You make the rules.
I write to tell myself a story or to tell it to the child reader I once was, because I know what she would have liked. I write to change an old story and tell it the way I think it should be told. Most of all, I write to find out about myself."
-Gail Carson Levine Writing Magic

Writing Magic was beyond all my expectations.
I knew that it would be good-since it was written by one of the best authors this world has ever known-Gail Carson Levine.
But I never expected it to be this good. By the first writing excercise-I had a pretty good idea of just how much this book would help me. I had completely run out of ideas and when I saw the excercise-a brand new one came to mind-it was glorious. I recommend that everyone read this book. Everyone-because it will help you write anything-even those darned political essays you are assigned to do in English (well, okay, it's more like what I'm assigned to do, but whatever...).
I love how she writes elegantly, not only in her fiction, but in Writing Magic too. Her first book, the wonderful Ella Enchanted inspired me to read more. And it looks like she's inspired me to write more too!
I recommend this book to children and adults. And everyone in between.
You can read a bit on what Writing Magic has helped me write on my other blog.


Erin said...

This book is so, so helpful. And it's not boring or dull to read, either - it's very exciting and interesting! (For writers, at least...)

Sookie said...

Yeah, I got loads of ideas from her excercises.
Plus I really like in the first chapter where she posts the "rules" of writing.