Tuesday, November 28, 2006

An Unfortunate Birthday Party

These are the invitations (just made) for my eighteenth party-happening soon hereafter!
(sorry-it's just the text, the pictures of thw Baudelaire children and Count Olaf wouldn't load)

Side One:

Count Olaf Throws A Party for the children!
Count Olaf Invites you
To The Most Brilliant Spectacular Party Ever!
Dear Beloved Fans,
Of course you’ve heard of me. I am the most famous-most beloved actor in the whole entire world! Anyway-the point is, I’m throwing the most wonderful party ever! And you’re invited! Yes you (and you know I’ll treat you as if you were actually wanted at any party whatsoever)! And it is the perfect alternative to the drab, odious, and downright dull birthday bash on the other side of this card.
You will come (or else!),
Count Olaf (signature font)
Count Olaf.
Ps. If anyone should see the Baudelaire orphans notify me immediately.
Flip Side

Back side of invitation card:

You are invited to the
Sinister birthday party of . . .
Dear Reader,
I’m very sorry to say that the invitation you are holding in your hands is extremely unpleasant.
It is my sad duty to tell you that the awful party will be taking place at Sookie's disturbing and downright creepy house on December Seventeenth around Twelve-Thirty. One should be warned that this is not a themed party-and anyone wearing
costumes (especially ones from A Series of Unfortunate Events) will be properly chastised. Of course-you could always put this down right away and think of a happier event to go to.
If you prefer that sort of thing.
With all do respect,
Lemony Snicket (signature font)
Lemony Snicket

Please don’t RSVP at (phone number).
Be Warned.
Come Prepared.
And avoid ankles with eye-shaped tattoos.


Erin said...

EEK! So cool! I wanna come!!!!

Sookie said...

your welcome to come if you can get an airplane to come through all that fabulous snow ;)

Erin said...

I wish! *pouts*

Erin said...

Did you make up the invitations or find them somewhere? They are so clever!

Sookie said...

I made them up-but used the back of The Bad Beginning as a backbone for the second side of the card, two of Brett Helquist's Baudelaire children illustrations (the cover of The Penultimate Peril and the little round picture seen one the cover of every book with all three of the orphans) and one illustration of Count Olaf.
Olaf's side's background is a flower and the back of the invitation is just white.
If you wish-feel free to use the invitation (with changed name, adress etc.). I got the invitation cards from Office Max-they were blessedly easy (and tons of fun) to make.