Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Poem

A poem by Sookie
Loving you
Is like holding up a snowflake
A thousand views
I see you
Your eyes
Like silver sleigh bells
alight; your waves
of frigid coldness
cannot breech the distance
I am reaching
so far, so long
but the miles cannot be traveled; too far
it is not right
All is not sound
so I must carry
this snowflake
a light but treacherous load
till it melts in my pocket;
silver water
blesses the world


Sookie said...

Ps. It was not supposed to look like this-I originally wrote this poem (in Algebra II)in the shape of a snowflake (in the style of e. e. cummings).
Also-if anyone sees my profile on Nanorwrimo and sees that I now have 45,000 (or around that) words written-it's because I've decided to finish a novel that I previously wrote but never got the chance to finish.
Oh yeah-and I hope everyone one had a *fair* back-to-school monday!

Erin said...

Nice poem! I wish I could see it in its snowflake format. I especially like the first few lines....