Thursday, November 9, 2006

Five Things Little Known About Me

A tag from Miss Erin.

Five Things You Didn't Know About Sookie

1. My left foot is one and a half shoe sizes larger than my right foot.
2. I am legally blind in my right eye
3. I still drive a white mercury sable (fondly named The Lady of The Lake) regardless of said eye.
4. I hate sitting down in long periods of time, so when I write stories and feel particularly energetic, I run a lap around my house.
5. I was named after two great grandmothers on the two different sides of my family who both were called the same thing but really had the name Mary


Sparky the Happy Giraffe said...

I always like hearing unusual things about people, but have an awful time trying to think of them for myself sometimes. I guess maybe I assume things about me aren't unusual.

Erin said...

Your left foot is - whoa. So I suppose you have to buy two separate pairs of the same shoe when you shop for shoes?

I love the name of your car. :)

Sookie said...

No, I just buy shoes that are a half size smaller than my left foot and a size larger than my right.
It all works out somehow...anyway-I don't buy shoes too often. I'm much happier shopping for books!
Erin, whats your author name on NaNoWriMo (Nationalnovel writing month)? Mine is absolvable.

Sookie said...

Sparky-we all have our unusualness buried deep down inside. I'll bet that you'll find something in you that's a bit out of the ordinary.

Erin said...

Mine is mimagirl. I will add you to my buddies!