Sunday, October 8, 2006

Texan Phenomena

If you do not live anywhere near San Antonio, Texas then you probably don't know about the current phenomena taking place here.

There are SO many butterflies here. They are EVERYWHERE!!!!!!! And in SWARMS!!!
And they are freshly hatched and migrating south for the autumn. Baby butterflies, and the adults too, are so beautiful. We're so lucky to have so many of them here. However-it does make for a distraction on the road-all of those beautiful, usually yellow or white, butterflies trying to fly across the street-you have to dodge them!!

A few story ideas have come from this phenomenon, though, so I'm mightily pleased with the butterflies-even if they are particularly hard to watch for on the road....


Erin said...

Wow that is so cool! When I lived in Iowa we had our backyard absolutely covered in monarch butterflies once.

Sookie said...

Yeah, most of the butterflies here are monarchs.
About insects with wings-I rather prefer Luna Moths to Butterflies (usually), just because they're so beautiful!