Monday, October 2, 2006

Sirena by Donna Jo Napoli

Sirena by Napoli

I feel the stars. Each sparkle sets aflame the pain in my heart.
-Donna Jo Napoli Sirena

Once again, Donna Jo Napoli has captivated me with her style of writing and descriptions and characters.
Reading a book by her is always a treat (and I also recommend her other books-Zel, Spinners, etc...).
The story is lovely, but the ending is very very sad.
I recommend it to anyone of any age (well, okay, probably three year olds wouldn't be very interested, but still)
Okay so here's the story:

Sirena is a mermaid who lives with her sisters on an island. They lie in wait for any passing ships, to lure the men onto their island. But Sirena refuses to do the same again when her sisters relocate. Instead, she helps a man that has been newly stranded on the island.
Finally, they fall in love and live together for years and years. Sadly, the man is growing older while Sirena is still beautiful and young.
And even more sadly-they must break apart when a ship comes to pick the man (Philoctetes) up and get the bow Hercules gave to him.
It's so sad!!!!
but so good.



Erin said...

I have not read any of that author's books....would this be a good one to start with?

Sookie said...

Hmm...let's see.
I started out with Daughter of Venice (ECXELLANT BOOK!!) but you don't really need to start out with that one. She doesn't write a series or anything (at least none that I know of), so there's to order as to which book you should start with.
But my suggestion would be one of these-Sirena, Daughter of Venice, Zel, Spinners, and even a new one out that I think is about beauty and the beast.

Erin said...

Okay, thanks!