Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Recipe for a Terrible Day

A List Of Ingredients

4 cups of powdered insomnia

2 quarts of bad parking places in the school parking lot

3/4 cup of unwanted flirting/attention

1 very long paper due on abortion that I worried about

1 gallon of irritableness from myself and other people

3 buckets of fine-churned stress due to the amount of homework I have tonight and the little time I have to do it.

50 cut and frechly gutted homework assignments

And to top it all off :
A dash of dissapointment from psychology class.

You will also need these three key people to add to your recipe.
It's just a plain bad day without them. But to have an evil-filled, stressful, terrible, horrifying, and plainly awful day, then you will need these:

Lord Voldemort (also known as Tom Riddle)

Severus Snape

and of course, what would a magical recipe be without truly evil
Cruella Devil

If you MUST substitute these, because of death or ficticious limits, then an adequate person to add to the boiling pot would be The Wicked Witch of the West.

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Erin said...

Aw....sorry you had a bad day! (The recipe was really fun to read though.) :)